Halloween in "The People's House"
Learn about Halloween celebrations in the Nixon White House.

We Rule: Civics for All of US webinars
This fall, in addition to the new by-request distance learning programs, the National Archives is also introducing a regular schedule of We Rule: Civics for All of US webinar programs. Learn more!

Pomp and Circumstance
Inspired by the formality and pageantry he saw during his 1969 visit to Europe, President Nixon requested the Secret Service Uniformed Division adopt a new dress uniform. Learn about the controversial uniforms and what became of them.

The United States Supreme Court
Links to learning resources for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Nixon and the Supreme Court
September 24, 2021, marks the 232nd anniversary of the United States Supreme Court. Learn more about the history of the Court and how the presidency of Richard Nixon impacted it.

Constitution Week
Learn about or register your elementary students for a special presentation of the new We Rule: Civics for All of US programs on the Constitution, The Constitution Rules for grades K–2 and The Constitution and Our Community for grades 3–5! These are free live, standards-based, interactive webinars.

The Fielding Break-In 50th Anniversary
Friday, September 3rd, 2021, marked the 50th anniversary of the “Fielding Break-In.” The Fielding Break-In is generally considered to be a precursor to the Watergate break-ins of May and June of 1972 that ultimately led to the downfall of the Nixon presidency. Follow the link to learn more.

50th Anniversary of the Apollo 15 Mission
July 26, 2021 - August 7, 2021, celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 15. Learn more about the eighth human space flight and fourth American manned space mission to land on the Moon.

Welcome Back to School!
Due to ongoing COVID-19 safety and health precautions and protocols, our popular in-house Education Tours and Public programs remain suspended. Currently, we are not scheduling Education Tours at this time. In anticipation of the eventual return of these programs, we maintain a list of your tour requests. 

The Evolution of Space Travel: Then and Now
Explore the history of space travel and the U.S.'s space program, including the Apollo program, U.S.-Soviet cooperation, the International Space Station, and the space race in the 21st century.