Past Exhibitions


The Presidents Club: From Adams & Jefferson to Nixon & Trump


Apollo 11: One Giant Leap for Mankind

Pat Nixon: A Life of Service

All Aboard, America! Trains at the Nixon Library

Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Amending America: The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments

What's Cooking, Uncle Sam?


VIET STORIES: Recollections & Regenerations

Why They Wore It

Vote Like Your Whole World Depended on It: The Story of the 1968 Election

Free Speech and Civic Engagement in an American Democracy

Richard Nixon 1968 Presidential Campaign - 50th Anniversary


Picturing Nam: U.S. Military Photography of the Vietnam War

What's Cooking Uncle Sam?

Amending America: The Bill of Rights


Temporary Exhibitions from November 2015 to October 2016


Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage

Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection

Selections from the Collection

Suited for Space

First Lady Pat Nixon:  A Birthday Tribute


Nixon Family Holiday Traditions at the White House 1969-1974

Exposed: Window into Reality


On the Campaign Trail: Presidential Campaigns from 1789 to Present

A Few Good Women: Advancing the Cause of Women in Government, 1969-74


Holiday Train Festival

The President's Ambassador

Exposed: Where I Belong

Pentagon Papers: Declassified

Disney's Lincoln

Nixon as Icon


Treasures From The Vault

Constitution Day 2010

Exposed: Glimpse into the Future

Olivia’s Private Tour

Pat Nixon: A life of Service

School House to White House


Man On the Moon

A Holiday Festival of Trains – SCLTC and TCA

Exposed: Define yourself

Constitution Day 2009

Called Upon By The Voice Of My Country: Inaugurations As History, Ritual And Celebration


Exposed: The world as I see it

A Holiday Festival of Trees

Pat Nixon: A Birthday Tribute to a First Lady of Legend


Pat Nixon: A Birthday Tribute to a First Lady of Legend

The Day Elvis met Nixon

More than Words: Illustrated Letters from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art

A Holiday Festival of Trains

The Enemy Within: Terror in America 1776 to Today

Exposed: Dreams and Realities