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Welcome to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum!

We look forward to hosting your group. We have compiled this information to help you and your group prepare for your visit with us.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at or by phone at 714-983-9120.


The Education Team


Attention, Girl Scouts!

Pat Nixon at Girl Scouts Headquarters in New York City

We are currently working with the Girl Scouts of Orange County to develop Girl Scout Citizen and Civic Badges for all ages. Once they are available, the badge worksheets will be available online and at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. Please visit our website again for updates. 

  • Register for free webinars about motion picture resources and Presidential Library and National Archives resources. Click HERE to learn more!

  • Civics for All of US is the new national civic education initiative from the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum and the National Archives. Our mission is to build civic literacy and engagement by providing exemplary civic education resources and programs for all ages using the records of the U.S. Government.  Civics for All of US delivers thought-provoking educational programs and powerful educational resources to the public, regardless of their proximity to a National Archives facility. Each program is led by one of our educators located at National Archives sites, the Center for Legislative Archives, and Presidential Libraries across the country. Visit to learn more!

    Current Offerings:

    Student Programs

    Live, interactive distance learning programs are available for groups of 10 or more students free of charge. Programs take a hands-on approach to the founding documents of the United States, using the holdings of the National Archives to explore the big ideas of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and promoting the knowledge and skills students need for civic engagement in the 21st century. Teacher guides for each program provide additional pre- and post program activities for classroom use. Request  your program today.




    Available Programs:

    The Constitution Rules! (Grades K–2) 

    30 minutes

    Students will explore the idea of different responsibilities in their community and analyze images that highlight the jobs of the three branches of government as outlined in the Constitution.


    Make Your Voice Count: Learning About the First Amendment (Grades K–2) 

    30 minutes

    Students will explore the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights using primary historical sources to learn about the importance of rights and how to exercise their freedoms.


    The Constitution and Our Community (Grades 3–5) 

    45 minutes

    Students will explore the idea of community, hone their primary source analysis skills by examining government records, and connect the Constitution to their own lives.


    The First Amendment: Five Rights in One (Grades 3–5) 

    45 minutes

    Students will explore the First Amendment freedoms from the Bill of Rights in this interactive and engaging civics program based on historical primary sources from the National Archives. Students will learn about the importance of First Amendment rights, identify examples in photographs and short written documents, and discover how to exercise those freedoms.


    Voting Rights, The Constitution & Representative Government (Grades 6–8) 

    30–60 minutes

    Using the Constitution, constitutional amendments, and legislation, students will explore the progression of voting rights in the United States and its impact on representative government. Additional primary source documents from the National Archives, including photographs and political cartoons, will enhance student understanding of the ways in which contemporary events and public civic engagement influence their lives today.


    The Bill of Rights Protects You (Grades 6–12)

    45–60 minutes

    Students will explore the Bill of Rights and how it outlines both limits on government and the rights of the people. We will work together to analyze three case studies that underscore the remedies that citizens can use to address instances where their rights have been violated. This program will introduce students to the Bill of Rights and strengthen their civic understanding.

    No Conscription Without Representation: Voting Rights and the Constitution (Grades 9–12)

    30–60 minutes

    Using the Constitution, constitutional amendments, legislation, and a Supreme Court case, students will explore the progression of voting rights in the United States with particular focus on the effort to lower the voting age to 18. Additional primary source documents from the National Archives, including photographs, video recordings, and political cartoons, will enhance student understanding of the ways in which contemporary events and public civic engagement influence their lives today.


    Student programs are also offered as regularly scheduled webinars. Registration is required, but there is no minimum attendance prerequisite for student webinars.




    Teacher Workshops

    Free, regularly scheduled professional development workshops for educators explore how to use primary sources to delve into the big ideas of the founding documents of the United States. During each interactive program, participants will engage with primary sources and partake in collaborative group work and discussion to discover how to use National Archives resources and programs to teach civic knowledge and skills.

  • Our Education Tours are designed to cover the totality of President Nixon's life and times. We have designed grade group specific themes and discussion points that have been gleaned from, and meet California state curriculum standards on history, social studies, and civics.

    National Archives-sponsored Education Tours are free of charge to all students, teachers, and 1 adult chaperone per 10 students. Volunteer docent-led guided tours are offered to students groups of 15 students or more (not to exceed 100 participants) in number.

    Guided tour requests must be made at least one month in advance and are therein subject to availability. Groups of 14 or less will be afforded 'self-guided' tours, whereby the group will lead themselves through the galleries, birthplace and Marine 1 helicopter. Admission fees are waived for self-guided tours. 

    National Archives Education Tours at the Nixon Library are open to all local public, private, charter, and home schools, as well as “out-of-school-groups” such as scout groups.

    To schedule a tour, please fill-out the education tour request form and submit either by email to:, fax: 714-983-9111, or post mail to:
    Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum
    c/o Education Tours
    18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard
    Yorba Linda, CA 92886

    For-profit tour companies/applicants who host student tour or education programs, can schedule tours by visiting or emailing for further assistance.

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

    • A tour of the galleries, helicopter, and birthplace typically lasts 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Your selected tour time of either 10:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. for Docent Guided tours will begin promptly. Should you require more or less time, please provide this information in the ‘remarks’ section of your tour request form.
    • Our facility is ADA compliant; however, should you require additional assistance, you may note this in the ‘remarks’ section of your tour request form.
    • If you would like the tour to highlight certain events or topics, indicate this in the ‘remarks’ section of your tour request form. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
    • Please account for area traffic as you plan your travel time. If you are running late, please call the office at 714-983-9120 and be prepared for possible adjustments to your visit.
    • Have your group line up outside the entrance to the museum while you check in at the Admissions Desk. Each student will be given a lapel sticker to be worn at all times.
    • During busy times, you may have to wait a few minutes while other groups are checked in. Please be patient and rest assured that we will check your group in as safely and quickly as possible!
    • Be prepared to be split up into smaller groups to ensure a safe learning experience for your students and to help prevent congestion in particular parts of the Museum.
    • For the safety of your group and other guests, there is no running in the museum.
    • Food, gum, drinks, including water, are not permitted at any time into the museum galleries.
    • Chaperones must stay with their students at all times and are responsible for student conduct on museum grounds.
    • For the protection of our artifacts and documents, flash photography is not permitted.
    • Backpacks or large purses/handbags are not permitted into the building, with the exception of emergency information, medicine, etc. Oversized bags will be subject to search by a federal Security Officer upon your arrival.
    • We respectfully request that students limit cell phone usage strictly for photographic purposes. The museum is an extension of your classroom and ask that you apply the same rules of decorum in the galleries.
    • The lead tour guide will meet you and go over museum rules with your students.
  • We need your assistance to ensure that students and the general public enjoy their visit with us!

    We depend on teachers and chaperons to stay with and help students follow museum rules. Your group may be asked to leave if the students are at any time negatively impacting the experience of other guests.

    Where to Eat

    • While we do not have a space for your students to eat lunch, there are several restaurants and parks nearby.
    • School groups are encouraged to consider eating at the Hurless Barton Park located nearby. Address: 4601 Casa Loma Ave., Yorba Linda, CA 92886. (Please contact the Yorba Linda Parks and Recreation Department at (714) 961-7160 for approval and to confirm availability.)

    Weather Considerations

    • Closure of the helicopter and birthplace may occur if we experience extreme heat, high winds or rain. On days when this occurs, tours will be restricted to the permanent galleries and viewing the orientation film.

    Parking Information

    • Bus parking is located next to the Helicopter on Yorba Linda Blvd. and Mountain View (opposite end of the Museum entrance).
    • There is plenty of parking for individuals and buses at no charge.

    Cancelling your Tour

    • If needing to cancel an already scheduled Education Tour, please notify the Library via phone or email at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in your student group not participating in future tours.

    Unexpected Arrivals

    • Please note that your tour is not confirmed until you receive a final confirmation email from us. Otherwise, we will not be able to accommodate your group if you arrive unexpectedly.  


    • Please contact us at in advance of your school visit and call (714) 983-9120 on the day of your visit.

Stay Informed


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