What's Cooking, Uncle Sam?

June 17 - August 13, 2017    


Food. We love it, fear it, and obsess about it.  




We demand that our Government ensure that it is safe, cheap, and abundant. In response, Government has been a factor in the production, regulation, research, innovation, and economics of our food supply. It has also attempted, with varying success, to change the eating habits of Americans.




From the farm to the dinner table, explore the records of the National Archives that trace the Government’s effect on what Americans eat in this fascinating and entertaining exhibition.


More resources:  

Learn more about how the government has affected farming, developed life-saving regulations, dealt with wartime shortages and rationing, and influenced our national diet on the National Archives and Records Administration's What's Cooking, Uncle Sam? website.

The exhibit catalog is available as a FREE eBook from the National Archives.

Click HERE to read more about the interactive exhibition catalog for iPads and the exhibition catalog that is compatible with your mobile phone, computer, or reading device.


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