November 28, 1969


This almanac page for Friday, November 28, 1969, pulls together various records created by the federal government and links to additional resources which can provide context about the events of the day.

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Schedule and Public Documents

  • The Daily Diary files represent a consolidated record of the President's activities. Visit the finding aid to learn more.

    The President's day began at Key Biscayne, Florida

  • The Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents made available transcripts of the President's news conferences; messages to Congress; public speeches, remarks, and statements; and other Presidential materials released by the White House.

    Appointments and Nominations

    • Department of State (5 Weekly Comp. Pres. Doc. 1667, November 28, 1969)
      Announcement of Intention To Nominate Michael Collins To Be Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs.
    • Office of Economic Opportunity (5 Weekly Comp. Pres. Doc. 1668, November 28, 1969)
      Announcement of Intention To Nominate William R. Ford To Be Assistant Director for VISTA.
  • The Federal Register is the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other Presidential documents.

    No Federal Register published on this date

Archival Holdings

  • The H. R. Haldeman Diaries consists of seven handwritten diaries, 36 dictated diaries recorded as sound recordings, and two handwritten audio cassette tape subject logs. The diaries and logs reflect H. R. Haldeman’s candid personal record and reflections on events, issues, and people encountered during his service in the Nixon White House. As administrative assistant to the President and Chief of Staff, Haldeman attended and participated in public events and private meetings covering the entire scope of issues in which the Nixon White House engaged in during the years 1969-1973. Visit the finding aid to learn more.

  • The National Archives Catalog is the online portal to the records held at the National Archives, and information about those records. It is the main way of describing our holdings and also provides access to electronic records and digitized versions of our holdings. 

    The Catalog searches across multiple National Archives resources at once, including archival descriptions, digitized and electronic records, authority records, and web pages from and the Presidential Libraries. The Catalog also allows users to contribute to digitized historical records through tagging and transcription.

National Security Documents

  • The President's Daily Brief is the primary vehicle for summarizing the day-to-day sensitive intelligence and analysis, as well as late-breaking reports, for the White House on current and future national security issues. Read "The President's Daily Brief: Delivering Intelligence to Nixon and Ford" to learn more.

  • The Foreign Relations of the United States series presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. Visit the State Department website for more information.

    Vol. III, Foreign Economic Policy; International Monetary Policy, 1969-1972

    Foreign Economic Policy

    Vol. XXIV, Middle East Region and Arabian Peninsula, 1969-1972; Jordan, September 1970

    The Two Yemens

    Vol. E-1, Documents on Global Issues, 1969-1972

    U.S.-Cuba Hijacking Agreement, 1969-February 1973

    • 128. Telegram 199293 From the Department of State to the Embassy in Switzerland, Washington, November 28, 1969, 1822Z

      The Department provided background information for the Swiss Government on Cuban Law 1226, quoting the text as well as clarification from Cuban Ambassador Alarcon’s speech at the UN. The telegram spelled out U.S. goals in any hijacking agreement and included the text of a diplomatic note to be delivered to the Cubans by the Swiss Ambassador to begin negotiations for a possible agreement on hijacking.

      Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1967-69, AV 12 US. Confidential; Priority;Exdis. Drafted by Park F. Wollam and Robert F. Funseth (ARA/CCA) and Hurwitch; and cleared by Frederick Smith Jr., Deputy Administrator for Security and Consular Affairs, Loy, Stevenson, Feldman, and Vaky.

  • The Kissinger telephone conversation transcripts consist of approximately 20,000 pages of transcripts of Kissinger’s telephone conversations during his tenure as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (1969-1974) and Secretary of State (1973-1974) during the administration of President Richard Nixon. Visit the finding aid for more information.

    Digitized versions of many of these transcripts can be found on the Yale University Library website.

Audiovisual Holdings

  • The White House Photo Office collection consists of photographic coverage of President Richard Nixon meeting with prominent social, political, and cultural personalities; speaking engagements and news conferences of the President and various high-ranking members of the White House staff and Cabinet; Presidential domestic and foreign travel, including Presidential vacations; social events and entertainment involving the First Family, including entertainers present; official portraits of the President, First Family, and high-ranking members of the Nixon administration; the 1969 and 1973 Inaugurals; the President’s 1972 Presidential election campaign appearances (including speeches) and other official activities of the White House staff and the President’s Cabinet from January 20, 1969 until August 9, 1974 at the White House and the Old Executive Office Building; other locations in Washington, DC, such as The Mall; and the Presidential retreats in Camp David, Maryland, Key Biscayne, Florida, and San Clemente, California. Visit the finding aid to learn more.

    Roll WHPO-2502 Photographer: Schumacher, Karl | Color or B&W: B&W

    • Frame(s): WHPO-2502-05-09, Mike Farrell receiving a petition from a young man. 11/28/1969, Washington, D.C. White House, unknown room. Mike Farrell, unidentified young man.
    • Frame(s): WHPO-2502-10-14, Construction in the swimming pool area. 11/28/1969, Washington, D.C. White House, swimming pool area.
    • Frame(s): WHPO-2502-15-23, Jim Ketchum accepting a book from two women. 11/28/1969, Washington, D.C. White House, library. Mike Farrell, unidentified young women.

    Roll WHPO-2504 Photographer: Schumacher, Karl | Color or B&W: B&W

    • Frame(s): WHPO-2504-, Elaine Elson smiles for photos. 11/28/1969, Washington, D.C. unknown. Elaine Elson.

    Roll WHPO-2507 Photographer: Schumacher, Karl | Color or B&W: Color

    • Frame(s): WHPO-2507-, White House visitors. 11/28/1969, Washington, D.C. White House grounds. unidentified men, women, and children.

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