Whitehead, Clay T.

Conversation 103-004

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On June 22, 1972, Richard M. Nixon and chief executives of the broadcasting industry, including Charles Batson, Charles Crutchfield, Daniel R. Eaton, John Fetzer, James S. Gilmore, Jr., Larry Israel, John Kluge, Charles S. Mechem, Bill Michaels, John T. Murphy, Ancil Paine, John Poor, Ward Quaal, Leonard Reinsch, Bill Shaw, Reid L. Shaw, Robert Slaughter, Franklin C. Snyder, Egmont Sonderling, E. R. Vadeboncoeur, M. C. Waters, Fred Weber, Robert Wells, Richard Chapin, Herbert G. Klein, Ronald L. Ziegler, Peter M. Flanigan, John D. Ehrlichman, George W. Romney, Charles W. Colson, Richard A.

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