Bray, David

Conversation 088-001

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On January 24, 1972, during the signing of the 1973 Budget Message, President Richard M. Nixon and staff members of the Office of Management and Budget, including Samuel M. Cohn, Mark W. Alger, Charles E. Benton, David Bray, Lawrence Breese, Velma N. Baldwin, Philip Dame, Donald A. Derman, Lynn Etheredge, C. William Fischer, James M. Frey, Wilmer Hunt, John F. Hurley, Walter W. Haase, Joseph Laitin, Susanne Lind, Hugh F. Loweth, Theodore C. Lutz, C. Peter Modlin, Jr., Philip MacDonald, Dale R. McOmber, Douglas Norwood, Wilfred H. Rommel, Wesley K. Sasaki, Glenn R.

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