Sunday Concert Series

2020 Concert Schedule


Sunday Concerts are canceled until further notice.

We are working with public health officials and our counterpart agencies to monitor and respond to the evolving conditions.

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Concerts are generally held Sundays and are free and open to the public.
Doors open at 1:30 pm, and the music begins at 2:00 pm unless otherwise noted. 
The schedule is subject to change.

January 2020


5:  Chamber Music | OC’s Pre- College Program Presents: Graduate Recital


12:  Chamber Music | OC’s Pre- College Program Presents: Graduate Recital


19:  Harp and Cello Concert, Tomoko Sato


26:  Los Angeles Liszt Competition Winners. Gerry Keeling, Manager




February 2020


2:  Ragtime Piano by Eric Marchese and Friends


9:  Gypsy violin and Piano music, Mari Haig Hughes, violin and Ann Patrick Green, piano


16:  The Three Cellists Concert


23:  Concert Pianist, Jeewon Yang




March 2020


1:  OC's Pre-College Program Presents:  Antony Karacic, Violinist and Matt Karacic, Piano 


8:  Chamber Music | Santiago Quartet, Linda Owen, Director


15: Junior Chamber Music | Minji Noh, Director


22: Risa Larson, Soprano


29:  Junior Chamber Music | Minji Noh, Director




April 2020


5:  Uproar Duo Saxophone Duets, Andrew S. Harrison


12:  Easter Carlos Gardels, concert pianist          


19:  Duo Art:  Minji Noh and Kook Hee Hong, pianists


26:  Chinese music concert by Lotus Bud Guzheng Academy, artistic director Bei Bei 




May 2020


3:  Mountaintop Strings, Michelle Moore, Coordinator


10:  Mother’s Day Chinese Children’s Choruses 


17:  Placentia Community Chorus, Pat Hakeman, Manager


24:  Esperanza High School Orchestra and Band, Matthew Fang, Director


31:  Sounds of Grace Handbell Choir. Marilyn Scranton, Director




June 2020


7:  Mountain Top Strings, Katie Hallum, Director


13:  Saturday Concert - Chamber Music | OC presents Pre-College Rising Stars


14:  Orange Empire Barbershop Chorus


21:  Chamber Music | Violinist April Kim


28:  Chamber Music | SAI  Orange County Alumnae Chapter




July 2020


5:  Independence Day Sunday: Huntington Beach Band, Tom Ridley Director


12:  Drew Tretick, Disneyland Violinist


19:  Concert Pianist, Michael Sellers


26:  St. Nicolas Choir, Melanie Pedro, Soprano Soloist




August 2020


2:  Hershel Green, Baritone


6:  Covina Concert Band, Tom Ridley, Conductor


16:  Heritage Oak School Orchestra, Chloe Yoon, Conductor


23:  The Azzoni Duo, Violin/Piano Duo Concert


30:  Heritage Oak Middle School, Chloe Yoon




September 2020


6:  TBA


13:  Kristyn Son, flute, Matthew Kim, trumpet


20:  Concert Pianist, Michael Sellers


27:  CSUSB Faculty Piano Trio. Esther Chu




October 2020


4:  Golden State British Band. Linda Taylor, Manager


11:  Concert Pianist, Randy Polevoi


 18:  Concert Pianist, Lisa Zecchini


25:  Concert Pianist, Darrin Blumfield




November 2020


1:  California State Cello Ensemble, Esther Chu, Director


8:  Syrinx Quintet, Micah Wright


15:  Little Dynasty Chinese Children’s Orchestra, Wendy Yu, Director


22:  Heritage Oak Middle School Orchestra, Chloe Yoon, Director 


29:  Messiah Sing-a-long, Gabriella Rollins, Director – EAST ROOM




December 2020


5:  SATURDAY: Patrick Music School Fall Festival. Performances at 10am, 11:30am, 1:00pm, and 2:30pm.


6:  Placentia Community Chorus Christmas Concert


13:  Kid Singers Annual Christmas Concert


20:  Ragtime Piano, Eric Marchese 


27:  Lyric Soprano Melanie Pedro, Ann Patrick Green, piano