School House to White House

March 13 to May 31, 2010

This exhibition explores themes in the early lives of presidents, including: 

Grade School – Whether they attended a one-room schoolhouse or private academy, the future presidents discovered a world of opportunity at school.

High School – See how the future presidents blossomed in school. Learn who excelled academically, and who preferred extracurricular activities.

College – All the future presidents continued their education after high school – whether it was a small institution, night school, law school, or a military service academy. Explore some of their college experiences.

Men of Many Talents – Many of the future presidents had talents and developed skills that may surprise you. Learn about their varied interests and discover who sang, who acted, who joined the band, and who enjoyed working in the outdoors.

Team Players – Whether it was football, baseball, golf, or swimming, most of the 20th-century presidents participated enthusiastically in sports. Most continued to follow and participate in sports even after they became President. 

Memories – Memoirs, scrapbooks, and letters reveal a range of experiences that shaped the lives of the future presidents. View these materials to glimpse the Presidents’ memories of their early lives.
Location: Special Exhibits Gallery