Bennett, Ivan L., Jr. (Dr.)

Conversation 048-001

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On February 23, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon and the President's Science Advisory Committee, including Dr. Edward E. David, Dr. John D. Baldeschwieler, David Z. Beckler, Dr. Ivan L. Bennett, Jr., Dr. Detlev W. Bronk, Dr. Solomon J. Buchsbaum, Dr. Theodore L. Cairns, Dr. Lee A. DuBridge, Dr. Val L. Fitch, Dr. Herbert Friedman, Dr. Richard L. Garwin, Dr. Murray Gell-Mann, Patrick E. Haggerty, Philip Handler, Dr. Hubert Heffner, Dr. Donald F. Hornig, Kenneth Harry Olsen, Dr. Herbert A. Simon, Dr. Lloyd H. Smith, Jr., Dr. Gerald F. Tape, Dr. Harland G. Wood, Dr. John Truxal, and Frank R.

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