King, Carleton J.

Conversation 105-006

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On September 21, 1972, At the signing for establishment of a survivor benefit plan for survivors of retired military personnel (HR 10670), President Richard M. Nixon, J. Glenn Beall, Jr., Strom Thurmond, Melvin Price, O. Clark Fisher, Charles E. Bennett, Samuel S. Stratton, Otis G. Pike, Richard H. Ichord, G. Elliott Hagan, Charles H. Wilson, Louise Day Hicks, Richard C. White, William F. ("Bob") Nichols, Jack T. Brinkley, Wilbur C. ("Dan&wuot;) Daniel, Gillespie V. ("Sonny") Montgomery, Harold L. Runnels, Leslie C. Arends, William G. Bray, Robert C. ("Bob") Wilson, Charles S.

Tape Subject Log

Conversation 082-001

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On November 4, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon and selected Republican members of the House of Representatives, including Samuel L. Devine, Carleton J. King, William L. Dickinson, John E. Hunt, John H. Kyl, James M. Collins, Robert H. Michel, John Rousselot, Clark MacGregor, William E. Timmons, Richard K. Cook, Alexander P. Butterfield, and John D. Ehrlichman, met in the Cabinet Room of the White House from 5:06 pm to 6:23 pm. The Cabinet Room taping system captured this recording, which is known as Conversation 082-001 of the White House Tapes.