Bassett, Robert

Conversation 081-001

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On October 22, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon and members of the Pay Board and Price Commission, including George H. Boldt, Arnold R. Weber, Dr. Neil H. Jacoby, William G. Caples, Kermit Gordon, Rocco C. Siciliano, Virgil B. Day, Robert Bassett, Leonard F. McCollum, Benjamin F. Biaggini, George Meany, I[lorwith] W. Abel, Leonard Woodcock, Floyd E. ("Red") Smith, Frank E. Fitzsimmons, Dr. C. Jackson ("Dan") Grayson, Jr., William W. Scranton, John William Queenan, William T. Coleman, Jr., Marina von Neumann Whitman, J. Wilson Newman, and Robert F.