FG 6-8 (Office of Emergency Preparedness) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

Scope and Content Note

Filed under the category FG (Federal Government-Organization) are materials composed of memoranda, correspondence, Presidential messages, petitions, referrals, notes, wires, telegrams, resolutions, press releases, cross references, printed material, and newspaper clippings concerning the Office of Emergency Preparedness.

Major correspondents include: General George A. Lincoln, Peter M. Flanigan, Darrell M. Trent, John D. Ehrlichman, Clay T. Whitehead, William E. Timmons, Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Henry C. Cashen III, Kenneth R. Cole, Jr., James Keogh, James Loken, Arnold Weber, John C. Whitaker, Dana Mead, Patrick E. O'Donnell, and various governors and other state officials.

The terms Executive and General used before the code FG 6-8 and all subdivisions thereunder generally determine the source of the materials thus coded. Items designated Executive are communications among national, foreign, state and local governments and their agencies, Members of Congress, and other prominent people. Items designated General are communications between Government officials and private citizens, institutions, and other private interests. The topics filed under each category are generally similar.

Related subject categories in the White House Central Files include:

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The name file and the Staff Members and Office Files also hold materials related to this subject category.

FG 6-8/A

Topics covered include Presidential declarations of emergency; Presidential allocation of emergency funds; Presidential concurrence in denial of emergency funds; various natural disasters, e.g., Hurricane Camille; nickel and copper stockpiling; Presidential letters of commendation to outstanding private citizens; natural gas imports; submissions of various annual reports and other dealings with Congress; petrochemicals; the gasoline shortage; price increases in crude oil and gasoline; shale oil production; rail and coal strikes; Canadian oil imports; wage and price controls; Russian LNG imports; the Economic Stabilization Program; the conversion of crude oil into synthetic natural gas; the decision to delegate the Office's responsibilities chiefly to the Department of Housing and Urban Development; General Lincoln's retirement; various nominations, recommendations, acceptances and resignations; and public advice on and reaction to the above.

FG 6-8-1
FG 6-8-1/A

Topics include all correspondence on the Civil Defense Advisory Council.

FG 6-8-2
FG 6-8-2/A

Topics include all correspondence on the Office of the Director of Telecommunications Management.

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