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The Presidential historical materials of Darrell Trent are in the custody of the National Archives and Records Administration under the provisions of Title I of the Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act of 1974 (44 U.S.C. 2111 note) and implementing regulations. In accordance with the act and regulations, archivists reviewed the file group to identify personal and private materials (including materials outside the date span covered by the act) as well as nonhistorical items. These materials have been returned to the individual who has primary proprietary interest.

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  • Linear feet of materials:   3.3
  • Approximate number of pages:   8,000
Scope and Content Note

This file group documents the activities of Darrell Trent, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy to Peter Flanigan. He was primarily associated with the Office of Emergency Planning, Civil Aeronautics Board, Interstate Commerce Commission, and the Small Business Administration.

Trent was born in Missouri in 1939, and grew up in Kansas. He attended Stanford University, and the Wharton School of Business. He earned an M.B.A. at the Columbia Graduate School of Business in 1964. Before participating in Nixon's 1968 campaign, Trent was board chairman of five corporations in the Midwest. He was also Commissioner of the General Services Administration's Property Management and Disposal Service. During the Reagan administration, he served as Deputy Secretary in the Department of Transportation.

These files reflect a wide variety of topics: Ambassadors, American Revolutionary Bicentennial Commission, Civil Aeronautics Board, Federal Trade Commission, and a sizable portion of materials relating to personnel matters.

Principal correspondents include John Ehrlichman, Peter Flanigan, and Bill Timmons.

In addition to this collection, related materials may be located in:

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BE Business-Economics

CA Civil Aviation

FG 88 Civil Aeronautics Board

TA Trade

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White House Special Files, Staff Member and Office Files:

John Ehrlichman
Peter Flanigan

Series Description

Boxes:   1-9
Series:   Alpha-Subject Files
Description:   These files are arranged alphabetically by subject. They include clippings, drafts, general correspondence, memoranda, press releases, and reports on a variety of topics.

Boxes:   10
Series:   Alpha-Name Files
Description:   These folders are arranged alphabetically, by name. This box is personnel-related, and is comprised of resumes, applications for employment with the federal government, and letters of recommendation.

Folder Title List

Series I: Alpha-Subject Files

Box 1

Administrative Conference of the U.S. [1970]
AID [1970]
Air Transportation [1969]
All Risk Insurance [1970]
AMBASSADORS- Correspondence re Candidates [1969]
AMBASSAOORS- Correspondence re Candidates [1970]
Ambassadors, Special & Paris [1969-70]
Ambassadors-Status Reports
American Revolution Bicentennial Commission [1969]
Arms Control & Disarmament Agency [1969]
Board of Foreign Scholarships
Bureau of the Budget [1969-70]

Box 2

CAB-Air Routes, Morocco
CAB-Australia [1970]
CAB-Belgium [1970]
CAB-Candidates [1969-70]
CAB-Free Airline Transportation
CAB-International Air Transportation Policy Statement
CAB-International Civil Aviation Organization
CAB-Ireland Route [1969-70]
CAS-Italy Routes
CAB-Japan-Seattle Route
CAB-Korea, Republic of
CAB-Northwest-Northeast Merger [1970]
CAB-Overseas National Airways [1970]
CAB-Pan Am [1970]
CAS-Philippines [1970] [One Item]
CAB-Portugal [1970] [One Item]
CAB-Singapore [1970] [One Item]
CAB-Supplemental Carriers [1970]
CAB-Transatlantic Supplemental Charter Authority Renewal Case [1st Air Policy Statement Case] [1970]
CAB-Trans International Airlines [1970] [One Item]
CAB-Trans Pacific Route [1970] [One Item]
CAB-United Kingdom Routes [1970]

Box 3

Commerce [1970]
Commission on Govt. Procurement [1969-70]
Ctte for Preservation of the WH [White House] [l969]
Comptroller of the Currency [1969]
Comptroller General [1969]
Consolidation of CAB, ICC, FMC, Proposal
Customs- Pre-Clearance
Departmental Report-Level V and Above Appointments June 23, 1969
D.C. Development Bank [1970]
Disasters- Aug-Dec 1969
Ethnic Groups [1969]
FAA [1970]

Box 4

FCC Candidates [1968-70]
FCC Complaint [1969]
FTC Candidates [1969] [1 of 2]
FTC Candidates [1969] [2 of 2]
Federal Communications Commission [1969]
Federal Maritime Commission [1969-70]
Federal Power Commission [1969]

Box 5

FLANIGAN - Memos from DMT [1969]
FLANIGAN - Memos to DMT [1969]
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission [1969]
Forms for Processing
GSA [1969-70]
General Correspondence re Commission [1969-70]
HEW's Plan for Action for Appmts
ICC Candidates
Inter-American Commission on Women [1969]
Interior Department- Reorganization [1970]
International Organizations, U.S. Representation in [1969]
Interstate Commerce Commission [1969-70]
Job Commitments- Priority Candidates [1969]
Land and Water Conservation Fund [1970]

Box 6

Minority Enterprise [1969-70]
Miscellaneous Personnel Actions (formerly suspense File thru 1/70) [1 of 2]
Miscellaneous Personnel Actions (formerly suspense File thru 1/70) [2 of 2]
NLRB Candidates [1969] [1 of 2]
NLRB Candidates [1969] [2 of 2]
Nat'l Public Advisory Panel on Architectural Services [1970]
Negroes Serving above Secretarial Level in Administration [1969-70]
Notes from Research
OEO [1969-70]

Box 7

Obscenity & Pornography Commission [1969]
Parks- Environmental Msg [l970] [1 of 21
Parks- Environmental Msg [1970] [2 of 2]
People to be Placed
Personnel Interchange Program [1969] [One Item]
Personnel Recruitment [1969]
Personnel Trend Reports
President's Advisory Council on Executive Organization [1969]
President's Advisory Council on Historic Preservation [1969]
Presidential Medal of Freedom
Presidential Scholars [1969]
Project Enterprise
Public Broadcasting [1969]
Rail Passenger Service [1969]

Box 8

Reading References [1969]
Republican Nat'l Ctte Meeting June 26-28, 1969- Washington, D.C.
SBA [1969-70]
SBA-Budget [1970]
SBA-Expanded Ownership [1969-70]
SBA, Possible Candidates for [1969-70]
SBA-Small Business Investment Corp & Related Matters- DMT's personal file

Box 9

SBA-Task Force Report [1969]
SP Replies to Action Requests [1969]
Secretaries [1969]
Special Commission on Population Growth
State of the Union [1969-70]
Subversive Activities Control Board [1969-70]
Tax Revisions [1969]
[Temporary] Pa. Avenue Commission [1969]
Trusteeship Council [1969]
U.S. Tariff Commission [1969]
U.S. Tariff Commission [1970]
Under Secretaries Meetings [1970]
Welfare Reform Fact Sheet [1969]
WOMEN! [1969-70]

Series II: Alpha-Name Files

Box 10

BACON, Ruth Elizabeth
Baker, Richard T.
Banks, David
Bayer, A.W.
Berkman, Craig L., Capt., USA
Bertoglio, Peter J.
Brewer, W. Donald
Bridston, Paul
Burgess, Art
Burns, Ambassador
Buttle, Edgar A.
Carbaugh, John Jr.
Corbisiero, Anthony
Dole, Senator Bob
Charles Wythe Dunn
Ellsworth, Donald Delos
Fie1ding, Elizabeth
Gadberry, G. Robert
Garbern, Daniel
Gidwitz, James G.
Gillespie, W. Tyrone
Gillotte, Dorothy
Gullege, Eugene
Guthrie, Jo Carol
Guthrie, Newman
HANDY, Frank G. Mich
Haratunian, Al
Huntington Hartford
Ish, George D.
Jones, Isabella J.
Katzen, Jay
King, John
Robert H. Knight
Kohler, Walter Jodok, Jr.
Lafontant, Jewel
Lowe, Robert M.
Mason, Howard P.
Richard T. McCormick
Mitchell, Harry
Mitchell, Milton
Mollenhoff, Clark R.
Morgan, Ann
Needham, James J.
Robert Nesen
Parker, Ellis J.
Pash, Melvin B.
PATE, Joe Bailey, Jr.
Phelps, Malcolm, E., M.D.
PRICE, William F.
Joseph R. Rensch
Salvatori, Henry
Henry B. Schact
Searle, William
TAYLOR, W. Barry
Toussaint, Paul Arthur
Wade, Gen. Leigh
Walker, Elisha
Weill, Richard
Wells, Robert
Wells, Stephen
White, Alvin S.
Zenowitz, Allan Ralph