Nichols, William F. ("Bob")

Conversation 105-006

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On September 21, 1972, At the signing for establishment of a survivor benefit plan for survivors of retired military personnel (HR 10670), President Richard M. Nixon, J. Glenn Beall, Jr., Strom Thurmond, Melvin Price, O. Clark Fisher, Charles E. Bennett, Samuel S. Stratton, Otis G. Pike, Richard H. Ichord, G. Elliott Hagan, Charles H. Wilson, Louise Day Hicks, Richard C. White, William F. ("Bob") Nichols, Jack T. Brinkley, Wilbur C. ("Dan&wuot;) Daniel, Gillespie V. ("Sonny") Montgomery, Harold L. Runnels, Leslie C. Arends, William G. Bray, Robert C. ("Bob") Wilson, Charles S.

Conversation 050-008

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On March 19, 1971, during the Signing of the National Week of Concern for Prisoners of War/Missing in Action, President Richard M. Nixon and members of the military and the Executive Committe for the National League of American Families of Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia, including Joan Vinson, Carol North, Kathy Plowman, Patsy Crayton, Iris Powers, Mary Jane McManus, Eldora Ford, Alfred F. Moe, Mrs. Alfred F. Moe, Lt. Russ Buckley, Marianne Nelson, Stanley R. Resor, Gen. Bruce Palmer, Maj. L. Jones, Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, Lt. Col. Walter B. Ratliffe, John H. Chafee, Adm. Elmo R.