Willard, Devoe H.

Conversation 465-004

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On March 10, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon, John W. Scott, Robert N. Hampton, Lowell J. Endahl, C. W. McMillan, John E. Butterbrodt, Don F. Magdanz, John Palmer, Eugene Moos, Robert Lederer, Patrick Healy, Harry Graham, Claude Gifford, Devoe H. Willard, John I. Sutherland, Parke Brinkley, Frank Frazier, Walter W. Goeppinger, Charles Toan, Albert Russell, Robert J. Andrews, Elbert Harp, Ralph T. Jackson, Lorraine Kirker, Roy B. Keppey, unknown person(s), and Stephen B. Bull met in the Oval Office of the White House from 9:51 am to 10:01 am.

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