Pat Nixon: A life of Service

Feburary 25 to March 31, 2010

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum celebrates what would have been First Lady Pat Nixon’s 98th birthday this March 16, 2010. In observance of this event, and to mark Mrs. Nixon’s extraordinary interest in volunteerism, we have on display her Red Cross uniform, which was worn during her husband’s Vice Presidential days. Mrs. Nixon encouraged volunteerism in her children and Julie’s brown Girl Scout uniform is also on display. Mrs. Nixon felt that promoting volunteerism among Americans was important because

“by working where they are needed, alone or in groups, I feel that individuals can often accomplish things that legislation alone cannot.”

Pat Nixon embarked upon many goodwill tours to represent her husband in various parts of the world – one of her most memorable efforts took place in June of 1970 when she flew to earthquake-stricken Peru. While flying on Air Force One, another jet flew in 9 tons of relief supplies gathered by volunteers. Mrs. Nixon was met in Lima by Peru’s First Lady Consuelo Velasco – after the supplies were transferred to a cargo plane, both first ladies flew to the Huascaran Mountain to deliver the supplies where the earthquake struck. The President of Peru, Juan Velasco set aside political differences and for her courage, awarded Mrs. Nixon the Grand Cross of the Order of the Sun, one of Americas oldest established civilian awards since 1821.
Location: Great Room