Binger, James H.

Conversation 074-001

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On September 13, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon and the Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy, including John B. Connally, Maurice H. Stans, William P. Rogers, Peter M. Flanigan, Peter G. Peterson, Richard V. ("Dick") Allen, Albert L. Williams, Dr. Isaiah Frank, James H. Binger, Fred J. Borch, Dr. Courtney C. Brown, Gaylord Freeman, Richard N. Gardner, Dr. Antonie T. Knoppers, Dr. Stewart M. Lee, Edmund W. Littlefield, Charles F. Myers, Jr., Dr. Max Myers, Kenneth N. Naden, Alfred C. Neal, William R. Pearce, Dr. Dan Throop Smith, Leroy D. Stinebower, and George A.

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