March 28, 2019 New Materials Release

Previously Classified Materials Release

Documents pertaining to  the Middle East, the India-Pakistan conflict, administrative leaks of information, and transcripts of Dr. Henry Kissinger's telephone conversations (Telcons) are among the previously classified materials now available to researchers. 


Update on the Middle East

Report, Middle East Sitrep No. 1-5, September 9-10, 1970; folder [03] Hijackings; box 330; NSC Files, Subject Files  Middle East.pdf


South Asia

Memo, Henry A. Kissinger to the President, Subject: Information Items, December 10, 1971; folder [02] South Asia, December 10-11, 1971; box 572; NSC Files, Indo-Pak War India-Pakistan Situation.pdf


Administration Leaks 

Memo, Bud McFarlane to Jon Howe, Subject: Leaks Early in the Administration, n.d.; folder [01] HAK Administrative and Staff Files -- Outside System, Chron, September 1971-1974; box 9; HAK Office Files, HAK Admin. and Staff Files  Leaks.pdf


Kissinger Telcons

Telcon, President Nixon and Secretary Kissinger,January 22, 1974; folder [06] January 21-23, 1974; box 24; HAK Telephone Conversation Transcripts  HAK Telcon.pdf


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