Celebrating Pat Nixon and her Spirit of Volunteerism

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Celebrating Pat Nixon and her Spirit of Volunteerism

Mrs. Nixon Hosting the Christmas Party for the Diplomatic Corps Members' Children, 12/23/1969; WHPO-2695-23A

Thursday, March 17, 2022, celebrates the 110th birthday of First Lady Pat Nixon. Born in 1912 and raised in a hard-scrabble environment, she rose to First Lady of the United States. Pat Nixon embodied the characteristics of inclusiveness, volunteerism, and self-reliance and used her position to support many charitable causes. She spent her years in the White House encouraging volunteer service and the love of the outdoors. Expanding the First Lady’s role to include being the official United States representative abroad, she traveled to over 80 countries throughout her husband's terms as Vice-President and President. During these trips, she often chose to forgo formal receptions to visit hospitals, schools, and orphanages.

First Lady Pat Nixon and Sesame Street's Big Bird, 12/22/70; WHPO-5385-12A
First Lady Pat Nixon with Children, 6/18/1970; WHPO-3714-24

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Pat Nixon and two Girl Scout Brownies at the Girl Scout National Headquarters in New York City. 2/4/1970; WHPO-2906-19A

Pat Nixon embodied civic engagement, volunteerism, and self-reliance. Throughout March, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library is proud to celebrate the 110th birthday of First Lady Pat Nixon.