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The subject category for Federal Government-Organizations (FG) contains materials to, from or about the Federal Government branches or agencies. Subjects include the establishment, disestablishment, organization, reorganization, audits, inspections, location, re-location, regulations, reports and appointments and endorsements to top positions. Frequent correspondents include: President Richard Nixon, Vice President Spiro Agnew, Anne Armstrong, Arthur Burns, John Ehrlichman, Robert Finch, Chester Finn, Peter Flanigan, Bryce Harlow, Dwight Ink, Egil Krogh, Charles Mayo, Daniel Moynihan, John Price, John Whitaker and Charles Wilkinson.

The Executive file category within this subject category includes the correspondence of the President, White House Staff and Administration officials with heads of state, members of Congress, political party members, personal acquaintances and business, patriotic and special interest organizations. The General file category mainly contains correspondence of the President and White House Staff with members of Congress, business, patriotic and special interest organizations and the general public. Many of the same subjects and correspondents, however, may be found in both files.

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This subject category includes materials concerning government reorganization, the New Federalism, the consolidation of government agency field offices, the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program, the Federal Real Property Program, the President's Advisory Council on Executive Reorganization (Ash Council), minority enterprise, the Urban and Rural Affairs Councils, the Domestic Council, consumer legislation, Governor's conferences, and the Citizen's Committee for Government Reorganization.

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