FG 6-9 (Office of Science and Technology) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

Scope and Content Note

Filed under the category FG (Federal Government-Organizations) are materials pertaining to matters such as establishment, disestablishment, organization, reorganization, audits, inspections, investigations, location, relocation, regulations, reports, appointments, and endorsements to top positions.

FG 6-9 contains materials pertaining to the Office of Science and Technology (OST), which was established in the Executive Office of the President, effective June 8, 1962, and was abolished June 30, 1973, when its functions were transferred to the National Science Foundation. The purpose of the Office of Science and Technology, as described in the 1970-1971 Government Organization Manual, was "to advise and assist the President with respect to developing policies and evaluating and coordinating programs to assure that science and technology are used most effectively in the interests of national security and general welfare." Principal correspondents include, among others, the President, Peter Flanigan, Kenneth Cole, and other White House executives; successive OST Directors, Lee DuBridge and Edward David, Deputy Director Hubert Heffner, and Executive Officer, Frank Pagnotta; and numerous congressmen, businessmen, scientist and academic leaders. Related White House Central File categories included:

FG 6-4 National Aeronautics and Space Council

FG 6-11-1/DuBridge, Lee DuBridge, Lee

FG 33-17 House Committee on Science and Aeronautics [Astronautics]

FG 36-1 Senate Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences

FG 119 Federal Council for Science and Technology

FG 152 National Academy of Sciences

FG 164 National Aeronautics and Space Administration

FG 182 National Science Foundation

FG 209 President's Science Advisory Committee

FG 221 Task Forces

IT-40 International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium

SC Sciences

SC 2-3 Meteorological Rockets and Satellites

UT 1 Communications Satellites


The Executive file contains materials concerning the organization, administration, policies and programs of the Office of Science and Technology. Included are agendas, talking points and reports of meetings between the President and OST Director; Presidential messages to Congress submitting annual reports on scientific activities; and Interagency Power Plant Siting Study Group meeting reports. Other materials relate to administrative concerns such as the reorganization of the Federal science establishment; the role of the OST within the framework of the Domestic Council; personnel appointments, swearing-in ceremonies, endorsements and resignations; fiscal year budget items; and procedural matters such as mail referral. Much of the correspondence concerns evaluation of various reports generated by the President's Science Advisory Committee, the Space Task Group, the Task Force on Science and Technology, and one inherited from the Johnson administration by Walt Rostow on telecommunications policy.

Among the wide range of topics also in the Executive file are included a Presidential statement on technological goals; high energy electrical transmission; unemployment among scientist and engineers; research and development in the fields of science, energy, marine resources, and health sciences; research abroad under PL 480; ownership and financing of Atomic Energy Commission uranium enrichment plants; oil import controls; environmental organizations, conferences and problems; supersonic transport (SST); satellites; and technology transfer.

General file topics mirror those of the Executive file and include appointments and endorsements; reorganization of Federal science agencies; utilities site selection; energy and environmental concerns; mining and mineral policy; a domed, climate-controlled city on the Bering Straits; inventors and innovation; the New Technology Opportunities Program; and scientist Murray Gell-Mann's suggested alternatives for the space program omitted from the Space Task Group report.


The Executive file concerns nominees for prizes, and contains a list of Committee members.

Because the functions of OST were transferred to the National Science Foundation, the file FG 6-9-1 is continued under FG 182-2; those files, however, do not contain any documents.

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