FG 209 (President's Science Advisory Committee) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

Scope and Content Note

Filed under the category FG (Federal Government-Organization) are materials pertaining to matters such as establishment, disestablishment, organization, reorganization, audits, inspections, investigations, location, relocation, regulations, reports, appointments, and endorsements to top positions.

FG 209 file materials pertain to the President's Science Advisory Committee (PSAC), which was transferred from the Office of Defense Mobilization to the White House effective December 1, 1957 for the purpose of advising the President in matters relating to science and technology. The Council ceased to function upon the termination of the Office of Science and Technology on July 1, 1973.  Correspondents represented in the files include, among others, the President; White House staff members including Peter Flanigan, Henry Kissinger, and Kenneth Cole; successive Committee Chairman, Lee DuBridge and Edward David; and numerous PSAC members and consultants. Related materials may be found in White House Central Files subject categories:

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Topics covered in the Executive files include the reorganization of the  science advisory apparatus in the White House; the Committee's budget, and the budget as related to policy decisions; nominations, appointments, swearing-in ceremonies, and resignations of Committee members; membership lists; inclusion of biologists on the Committee; Committee and Committee panel meetings; meetings with the President and Henry Kissinger; public relations; various PSAC panels including ones on Chemicals and Health; Urban Science and Technology; Educational Research and Development, and Space Science; panel studies and reports on NATO, space air traffic control, and improving health; a proposed panel on technological information; future shock and technological change; a proposed National Institute of Education; Federal support for academic science activities; incentives for research and development, and research and development in the public and private sectors; medical care; hunger, cancer; housing; space program goals; supersonic transport; anti-ballistic missiles; and helium conversion.

General file topics include candidates for PSAC membership; science policy; air traffic control; and having biologists appointed to the Committee.

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