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Under the file symbol UT (Utilities) are filed materials pertaining to public utilities in the communications and power (energy) fields. This includes communications by wire or radio; facilities and charges; generating, transmitting and distributing electric power; and natural and artificial gas production and distribution. Excepted are items on the conservation of natural gas and hydroelectric projects, which are filed under NR (Natural Resources); and national security-civil defense, which are filed under ND (National Defense).

Principal correspondents in this file include the President and members of the White House staff such as Presidential Assistants John Ehrlichman and Peter Flanigan; science advisers Edward David and H. Guyford Stever; Special Consultant to the President on energy, Charles DiBona; the Director of the Energy Policy Office, John A. Love; Administrator, William Simon and Deputy Administrator, John Sawhill of the Federal Energy Administration; Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Dixy Lee Ray; Director of the Office of Telecommunication Policy, Clay T. Whitehead; Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Roy Ash; Members of Congress; state and local government officials; and executives of utility companies, trade organizations and businesses.

Subject file correspondence is filed under two categories, which are determined by source. Items designated as Executive are communications among national, foreign, and state and local governments and their agencies; Members of Congress; and other prominent people. Items designated as General are communications between Government officials and citizens, institutions and other private interests. The topics filed under each category are generally similar.

The types of materials in the UT files are original incoming letters and memoranda; carbon and electrostatic copies of outgoing letters and memoranda; transmittal letters and memoranda for correspondence, reports and other items; telegrams; printed materials such as reports; photographs (originals removed from the file); preservation copies of newspaper and magazine clippings; and cross-references to materials filed under other categories.

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FG 6-11-1/DiBona, Charles DiBona, Charles

FG 6-11-1/Ehrlichman, John Ehrlichman, John

FG 6-11-1/Love, John Love, John

FG 21 Department of Commerce

FG 25 Energy Policy Office


The energy crisis precipitated by the Arab oil embargo during the second Nixon administration, and the many proposed solutions to coping with it are the predominate topics of the materials filed under UT (Utilities). Documented are energy meetings, briefings, conferences, task forces, studies, reports, legislation, policy formulation, and programs. Some specific topics in the files include the reduction of oil imports; oil depletion allowances; mandatory petroleum allocations; oil, coal, natural gas, and gasoline shortages; synthetic fuels; nuclear reactors; geothermal energy; and laser fusion. Also included are materials concerning the impact of the energy crisis on environmental programs; inventions inspired by the energy crisis; the organization of Federal energy regulatory activities; Federal reorganization for energy policy; conservation measures at the Federal, state, local, business, organizational and individual level; and international cooperation in energy matters. Descriptions of selected subcategories follow.


Materials filed under UT 1 concern, among other topics, communications and telecommunications policy and legislation; domestic and international communications satellites; Executive Branch reorganization for telecommunications policy; digital communications systems; the U.S. position at the World Administrative Radio Conference for space communications; sale of the Government owned communications satellite facility in Alaska to RCA; the COMSAT Corporation; post-Apollo space cooperation; cable television; the Emergency Broadcast System; and the U. S. position in the Intelstat market.


The range of topics filed under this category include international agreements on broadcasting; financing and programs of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; ratings for Presidential press conferences,"Laugh-in," and paid political broadcasts; exploiting the potential of television; Presidential radio addresses; cigarette advertising; advertising during children's programs; broadcast license renewals; the "fairness doctrine," a proposed political broadcasting bill; television programming; amateur radio satellites; blackouts of professional football games; complaints against the Federal Communications Commission; monopoly in the broadcast industry, and more.


Some of the topics filed in this category include electric power reliability legislation; national resource management and national goals; Federal power programs; reports and meetings of the Interagency Power Plan Siting Study Group; nuclear and hydroelectric power plants; the Atomic Energy Commission's licensing process; the energy crisis; TVA electric rates; and the financial health of the utilities industry.


Much of the material filed in this category concerns the utilities industry. Some of topics are wage and price controls; attacks on the electric power industry; the energy crisis; energy policy; and the regional power facilities.

Folder Title List

Box 1

EX UT Utilities
EX UT Utilities 1/1/1971- [1 of 2]
EX UT Utilities 1/1/1971- [2 of 2]
EX UT Utilities 1/1/1973-2/28/1973
EX UT Utilities 3/1/1973-3/1/1973

Box 2

EX UT Utilities 4/1/1973-4/30/1973
EX UT Utilities 5/1/1973-5/31/1973
EX UT Utilities 6/1/1973-6/30/1973
EX UT Utilities 7/1/1973-7/18/1973
EX UT Utilities 7/19/1973-7/31/1973
EX UT Utilities 8/1/1973-8/16/1973

Box 3

EX UT Utilities 8/17/1973-8/31/1973
EX UT Utilities 9/1/1973-9/16/1973
EX UT Utilities 9/17/1973-9/31/1973
EX UT Utilities 10/1/1973-10/15/1973
EX UT Utilities 10/16/1973-10/31/1973

Box 4

EX UT Utilities 11/1/1973-11/15/1973
EX UT Utilities 11/16/1973-11/25/1973
EX UT Utilities 11/26/1973
EX UT Utilities 11/26/1973
EX UT Utilities 11/27/1973

Box 5

EX UT Utilities 11/28/1973-11/30/1973
EX UT Utilities 12/1/1973-12/10/1973
EX UT Utilities 12/11/1973-12/16/1973
EX UT Utilities 12/17/1973-12/31/1973
EX UT Utilities 1/1/1974-1/15/1974
EX UT Utilities 1/16/1973-1/20/1974

Box 6

EX UT Utilities 1/21/1974-1/31/1974
EX UT Utilities 2/1/1974-2/5/1974
EX UT Utilities 2/6/1974-2/14/1974
EX UT Utilities 2/15/1974-2/28/1974
EX UT Utilities 3/1/1974-3/13/1974
EX UT Utilities 3/14/1974-3/31/1974

Box 7

EX UT Utilities 4/1/1974-4/30/1974
EX UT Utilities 5/1/1974-5/30/1974
EX UT Utilities 6/1/1974
GEN UT Utilities
GEN UT Utilities 1/1/1971-
GEN UT Utilities 1/1/1973-2/28/1973
GEN UT Utilities 3/1/1973-3/15/1973

Box 8

GEN UT Utilities 3/16/1973-3/31/1973
GEN UT Utilities 4/1/1973-4/30/1973
GEN UT Utilities 5/1/1973-5/31/1973
GEN UT Utilities 6/1/1973-6/30/1973
GEN UT Utilities 7/1/1973-7/31/1973
GEN UT Utilities 8/1/1973-8/7/1973
GEN UT Utilities 8/8/1973-8/23/1973

Box 9

GEN UT Utilities 8/24/1973-8/31/1973
GEN UT Utilities 9/1/1973-9/17/1973
GEN UT Utilities 9/18/1973-9/31/1973
GEN UT Utilities 10/1/1973-10/15/1973
GEN UT Utilities 10/16/1973-10/31/1973
GEN UT Utilities 11/1/1973-11/14/1973

Box 10

GEN UT Utilities 11/15/1973-11/25/1973
GEN UT Utilities 11/26/1973-11/30/1973
GEN UT Utilities 12/1/75-12/5/1973
GEN UT Utilities 12/6/1973-12/10/1973
GEN UT Utilities 11/1/1973-12/12/1973

Box 11

GEN UT Utilities 12/13/1973-12/18/1973
GEN UT Utilities 12/19/1973-12/20/1973
GEN UT Utilities 12/21/1973-12/31/1973
GEN UT Utilities 1/1/1971-1/8/1974
GEN UT Utilities 1/9/1974-1/10/1974
GEN UT Utilities 1/11/1974-1/15/1974
GEN UT Utilities 1/16/1974-
GEN UT Utilities 1/17/1974-1/21/1974

Box 12

GEN UT Utilities 1/22/1974-1/31/1974
GEN UT Utilities 2/1/1974-2/10/1974
GEN UT Utilities 2/11/1974-2/18/1974
GEN UT Utilities 2/19/1974
GEN UT Utilities 2/20/1974-2/26/1974
GEN UT Utilities 2/27/1973-2/28/1973
GEN UT Utilities 3/1/1974-3/11/1974
GEN UT Utilities 3/12/1974-3/20/1974

Box 13

GEN UT Utilities 3/21/1974-3/31/1974
GEN UT Utilities 4/1/1974-
EX UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications Begin-6/30/1969
EX UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 7/1/1969-9/17/1969
EX UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 9/18/1969-

Box 14

EX UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 1/1/1971- [1 of 3]
EX UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 1/1/1971- [2 of 3]
EX UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 1/1/1971- [3 of 3]
EX UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 1/1/1973-

Box 15

GEN UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 1/1/1969-6/30/1969
GEN UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 7/1/1969-12/31/1969
GEN UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 1/1/1970-6/30/1970
GEN UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 7/1/1970-12/31/1970
GEN UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 1/1/1971-
GEN UT 1 Communication-Telecommunications 1/1/1973-
EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television Beginning-7/31/1969
EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television 8/1/1969-12/31/1969

Box 16

EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television 1/1/1970-6/30/1970
EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television 7/1/1970-9/30/1970
EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television 10/1/1970-10/31/1970
EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television 11/1/1970-
EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television 1/1/1971-6/30/1971
EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television 7/1/1971-12/31/1971
EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television 1/1/1972-

Box 17

EX UT 1-1 Radio-Television 1/1/1973-
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television Begin-4/23/1969
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 4/24/1969-5/31/1969
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 6/1/1969-9/31/1969
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 10/1/1969-2/28/1970
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 3/1/1970-7/31/1970
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 8/1/1970-10/15/1970
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 10/16/1970-11/31/1970
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 12/1/1970-1/31/1971

Box 18

GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 1/1/1971-8/31/1971
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 9/1/1971-12/31/1971
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 1/1/1972-6/30/1972
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 7/1/1972-10/31/1972
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 11/1/1972
GEN UT 1-1 Radio-Television 1/1/1973-

Box 19

EX UT 1-2 Telegraph-Cables
EX UT 1-2 Telegraph-Cables 1/1/1971-
EX UT 1-2 Telegraph-Cables 1/1/1973-
GEN UT 1-2 Telegraph-Cables
GEN UT 1-2 Telegraph-Cables 1/1/1971-
GEN UT 1-2 Telegraph-Cables 1/1/1973- [Empty]
EX UT 1-3 Telephone
EX UT 1-3 Telephone 1/1/1971-
EX UT 1-3 Telephone 1/1/1973-
GEN UT 1-3 Telephone
GEN UT 1-3 Telephone 1/1/1971-
GEN UT 1-3 Telephone 1/1/1973-

Box 20

EX UT 2 Electricity Beginning-10/31/1969
EX UT 2 Electricity 1/1/1970-3/31/1970
EX UT 2 Electricity 4/1/1970-10/31/1970
EX UT 2 Electricity 11/1/1970-
EX UT 2 Electricity 1/1/1971-
EX UT 2 Electricity 1/1/1973-

Box 21

GEN UT 2 Electricity Begin-12/31/1969
GEN UT 2 Electricity 1/1/1970-8/31/1970
GEN UT 2 Electricity 9/1/1970-11/31/1970
GEN UT 2 Electricity 12/1/1970-12/31/1970
GEN UT 2 Electricity 1/1/1971-
GEN UT 2 Electricity 1/1/1973-
EX UT 2-1 Public Power
EX UT 2-1 Public Power 1/1/1971-
EX UT 2-1 Public Power 1/1/1973-
GEN UT 2-1 Public Power
GEN UT 2-1 Public Power 1/1/1971-
GEN UT 2-1 Public Power 1/1/1973-

Box 22

EX UT 3 Gas
EX UT 3 Gas 1/1/1971-
EX UT 3 Gas 1/1/1973-
GEN UT 3 Gas
GEN UT 3 Gas 1/1/1971-
GEN UT 3 Gas 1/1/1973-
EX UT 4 Water Supply
EX UT 4 Water Supply 1/1/1971-
EX UT 4 Water Supply 1/1/1973-
GEN UT 4 Water Supply
GEN UT 4 Water Supply 1/1/1971-
GEN UT 4 Water Supply 1/1/1973-