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Biographical Note

March 6, 1935 Born in New York City

1956 B.A., Radcliffe College, Cambridge, Massachusetts

June 23, 1956 Married Robert Freeman Whitman

1959 M.A., Economics, Columbia University, New York City

1962 Ph.D., Economics, Columbia University

1962-1979 Faculty, University of Pittsburgh

1964-1966 Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Pittsburgh

1966-1971 Associate Professor of Economics, University of Pittsburgh

1970-1971 Senior Staff Economist, Council of Economic Advisers (CEA)

1971-1972 Professor of Economics, University of Pittsburgh

October 1971-February 1972 Member, Price Commission (Economic Stabilization Program)

March 1972 Appointment to CEA

August 1973 Resigned from CEA to return to University of Pittsburgh

Scope and Content Note

Marina von Neumann Whitman was appointed by President Nixon in March 1972 as the first woman member of the CEA. She replaced Paul W. McCracken who resigned at the end of December 1971. Prior to her appointment to the CEA, Mrs. Whitman served from October 1971 through February 1972 on the seven-member Price Commission. Mrs. Whitman's areas of responsibility on the CEA included: analyses of international economic development and policy; price and wage developments; food prices; Economic Stabilization Program; human resources program; industry studies, including agriculture and transportation; environmental programs; international trade; and issues related to regulated industries. She was also an active member of the Committee of 8, a working group made up of representatives from the Cost of Living Council (CLC) and other agencies. This committee was concerned with Phase II planning and the impact of Federal construction policies on inflation. Mrs. Whitman was also active with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Committee of 20. This committee's mandate was directed at the reform of the international monetary system. In this matter, she assisted the Volcker Group, the U.S. working group involved in international monetary negotiations with the IMF countries, under the direction of Undersecretary of the Treasury Paul A. Volcker.

The files are arranged in three series: Administrative File, Speech File, and Subject Files. The Administrative File is arranged by folder title. The Speech File is arranged chronologically. These two series comprise about ten percent of the total volume. The Subject Files are arranged alphabetically by letter, acronym or folder title. Three folders entitled "Correspondence" contain some duplication of materials found in the Administrative File.

Series Description

Boxes:   1
Series:   Administrative File
Spans:   1971-1973
Description:   Correspondence and travel vouchers relating to Mrs. Whitman's activities on the CEA.

Boxes:   1-2
Series:   Speech File
Spans:   1972-1973
Description:   Correspondence, drafts of speeches, press releases, papers, and printed material. Topics covered include: Economic Stabilization Program; economic outlook; new economic policy; international monetary reform; international trade; food prices; wage-price controls; and U.S. economic policy. Arranged chronologically by date.

Boxes:   3-22
Series:   Subject Files
Spans:   1972-1973
Description:   Correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, press releases, papers, charts, tables, reports, printed material, and newspaper clippings. Topics include: economic plans in Japan; effects of tariff reductions on U.S. trade; U.S. trade policy; trade negotiations between U.S. and Canada, U.S. and Japan, and U.S. and the European Community (EC); international economic relations; Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); fiscal and monetary policy; Economic Stabilization Program; wage-price controls; reform of international monetary system; exchange rates; reserve assets and convertibility; capital flows; women in the economy; inflation; revenue sharing; tax reform; balance of payments; economy; devaluation of dollar; new economic policy, and Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women. Arranged alphabetically by abbreviation, acronym, or folder title.

Folder Title List

Series I: Administrative File, 1972-1973

Box 1

Blair House Dinners
General Correspondence 1973
Marina Whitman - Travel

Series II: Speech File, 1972-1973

Atlanta Speech 3-25-72
National Economists Club 3-29-72
EDA Workshops 4-19-72
Construction Employees Legislative Conference 5-15-72
American Insurance Association 5-17-72
First Management Trust Conference 6-19-72
N.Y. Association of Business Economists 6-19-72
Associated Industries of Minneapolis 6-28-72
NABE Speech, Williamsburg 9-8-72
Conference Board 9-27-72
19th Annual Bankers Forum, Georgetown University 9-29-72
National War College 10-5-72
Pittsburgh Economic Club 10-17-72
International Fiscal Association 10-27-72
Metropolitan Economic Association 10-27-72

Box 2

American Bar Association 10-28-72
Meet the Press 11-19-72
University of Michigan Speech 1-22-73
University of Rochester Speech 5-3-73
Pennsylvania Bankers Association, Atlantic City 5-21-73
1973 Presidential Scholars 6-17-73
U.S. Chamber of Commerce 6-21-73
W.O. Atwater Memorial Lecture, Atlantic City, N.J. 6-25-73
American Society for Public Administration 6-27-73
The Heights School, 4300 Garrison St., N.W. 6-28-73
Foreign Service Institute 7-13-73
[Brookings Institution/International Management and Development Institute (IHDI)] 7-16-73

Series III: Subject Files, 1972-1973

Box 3

Balance of Payments Statistics
British Counter Inflation Program
Burke-Hartke Bill
Business Conditions 1973
CEA-EPA Meeting- Tokyo 4-10-73
Chase Econometrics- ESP
CIA: IMF Committee of 20 Personalities

Box 4

CIA Intelligence Memorandum [1 of 2]
CIA Intelligence Memorandum [2 of 2]
CIA Intelligence Memos - Other
CIEP- Evaluation of Treasury study
CIEP- Flanigan Visit to Western Europe
CIEP- Legislative and Negotiating Steering Groups
CIEP Meeting 6-27-73
CIEP Senior Review Group Meeting- Canada

Box 5

CIEP- Special Working Group for Textile Trade Policy
CIEP- U.S./Soviet Economic Relationships [1 of 2]
CIEP- U.S./Soviet Economic Relationships [2 of 2]
CIEP- Williams Commission
CLC Deputies Group 1973
Committee of 8 May-Aug. 1972 [1 of 2]
C-8 May-Aug. 1972 [2 of 2]

Box 6

C-8 Sept. 1972- [1 of 2]
C-8 Sept. 1972- [2 of 2]
C-8 12-21-72- [1 of 2]
C-8 12-21-72- [2 of 2]
C-8 Meetings [1 of 3]
C-8 Meetings [2 of 3]

Box 7

C-8 Meetings [3 of 3]
Committee of 20 1972
Committee of 20 1973 [1 of 2]
Committee of 20 1973 [2 of 2]
C-20 Technical Group on Capital Flows
C-20 Technical Group on Indicators
C-20 Technical Group on the SDR Link

Box 8

Correspondence Mar.-May 22, 1972 [1 of 2]
Correspondence Mar.-May 22, 1972 [2 of 2]
Correspondence May 24, 1972-
Current Monetary Situation - Views
Darrock Memos: Prices, Metals, Etc.
Devaluation 1973
Early Price Warnings 1972 [1 of 2]
Early Price Warnings 1972 [2 of 2]

Box 9

Early Price Warnings 1973
East-West Trade
EC- CIEP [1 of 2]
EC- CIEP [2 of 2]
EC Consultations Oct. 1972
EC- Monetary Union
Economic Intelligence Weekly

Box 10

Economic Stabilization Program [1 of 2]
Economic Stabilization Program [2 of 2]
Economic Stabilization Program 1973
Employment- Unemployment
ESP- Consultations
Fed Consultants
Fiscal Policy [1 of 2]
Fiscal Policy [2 of 2]

Box 11

Freeze- Phase IV [1 of 2]
Freeze- Phase IV [2 of 2]
Health Working Committee
Herbert Stein
Hide Prices
High Level Trade Group
Human Resources
Hunt Commission

Box 12

IMF Annual Meetings 9-25/29, 1972
IMF Consultations 3-15/16 [1972]
IMF Consultations Apr. 1973 [1 of 2]
IMF Consultations Apr. 1973 [2 of 2]
Industrial Prices
International Monetary Reform (Through 4-72)

Box 13

International Monetary Reform 5-72- [1 of 2]
International Monetary Reform 5-72- [2 of 2]
International Reserves [Empty]
Japan [1 of 2]
Japan [2 of 2]
Japanese Visit (EPA) Sept. 20-22, 1972
JEC Hearings Apr. 14, 1972

Box 14

JEC Hearings Feb. 6, 1973
JEC Hearings June 17, 1973
JEC Testimony July 24, 1972
JEC Testimony Aug. 1, 1973
Juster Proposal
Memos to George P. Shultz
Monetary and Financial Conditions 1973
OECD Executive Committee New Style 1972
OECD Meeting on Women
OECD/XCSS (Investments, Etc.) 1973

Box 15

Oil Policy Committee 1973
Phase II Evaluation Study Group [1 of 2]
Phase II Evaluation Study Group [2 of 2]
Phase III [1 of 2]
Phase III [2 of 2]
Phase III- Regional Conference, Pittsburgh 2-1/2 [73]
Phase IV

Box 16

Price Problems in 1973
Profits- Profit Margins, 1973-73
R&D Recoupment
Requirements Advisory Board
Romanian Visit- Mar. 20-21, 1972
Staff Memos 1972
Staff Memos 1973
Testimony: Women 7-10-73

Box 17

Trade Legislation 1973 [1 of 2]
Trade Legislation 1973 [2 of 2]
Trade Negotiations 1973 (1) [1 of 2]
Trade Negotiations 1973 (1) [2 of 2]
Trade Negotiations 1973 (2)
Trade Negotiations- EC Views
Troika [1 of 2]
Troika [2 of 2]

Box 18

Volcker- IMR
Volcker- IMR [Aug.-Oct. 1972] [1 of 2]
Volcker- IMR [Aug.-Oct. 1972] [2 of 2]
Volcker- IMR Nov. 1972 [1 of 2]
Volcker- IMR Nov. 1972 [2 of 2]
Volcker Group [1 of 2]
Volcker Group [2 of 2]

Box 19

VG/INFO/71 Classified
VG/LIM/71 [25-40]

Box 20

VG/LIM/73-1-39 [1 of 2]
VG/LIM/73-1-39 [2 of 2]

Box 21

VG/Uncl. INFO/71
VG/Unc1. INFO/72 [1 of 2]
VG/Unc1. INFO/72 [2 of 2]
VG/WG/71-34-54 [1 of 2]
VG/WG/71-34-54 [2 of 2]
Weekly Food Report
Wilis Paper: Payments Adjustment

Box 22

Women [1 of 2]
Women [2 of 2]
Working Party 4- Mar. 8-9, 1972
Working Party 4- Mar. 5-7, 1973
Working Party 4: Documents 1973
Youth Unemployment