LG (Local Governments) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

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The subject category is composed of correspondence, messages, invitations, memoranda, cross references, notes, petitions, press releases, cables, wires, printed material and newspaper clippings concerning local governments and intergovernmental relations. Major correspondents include Daniel P. Moynihan, Kenneth R. Cole, Jr., Dwight L. Chapin, John D. Ehrlichman, H. R. Haldeman, Stephen H. Hess, John R. Price, Edward L. Morgan, Hugh W. Sloan, Jr., Edwin L. Harper, Egil Krogh, Jr., Peter M. Flanigan, David N. Parker, Michael B. Smith, James H. Falk, Dana G. Mead, Tod R. Hullin, William E. Timmons, John C. Campbell, Roland L. Elliott, John C. Whitaker, John R. Brown III, Chester E. Finn, Jr., Hugh W. Sloan, Jr., and Noble M. Melencamp. Related subject categories in the White House Central Files include Federal Government (FG) files for appropriate agencies, commissions and White House staff members; States-Territories (ST), Political Affairs (PL), Messages (ME), Public Relations (PR), and Federal Aid (FA). The Name File and the Staff Member and Office Files also hold materials related to this subject category.

The Executive files typically contain communications among White House staff members and with heads of agencies, members of Congress and other important correspondents. Although General files material overlaps in type that of the Executive files--most notably in that both files usually contain exchanges with members of Congress--it is more likely to be composed primarily of communications with state and local officials, representatives of concerned organizations, and the general public.


Topics covered include Daniel P. Moynihan's "Toward a National Urban Policy"; the Council for Urban Affairs; Federal urban policy; the President's meetings with mayors; revenue sharing; the National League of Cities; the model cities program; urban research, the Administration's domestic priorities; the New Federalism; new communities/towns; State Councils for Urban Affairs; urban growth policy; the U.S. Conference of Mayors; county governments; welfare reform; special revenue sharing; the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations; the planned variations cities program; Federal grant programs for cities; community development; housing legislation; import aid; public employment programs; the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973; school busing; Los Angeles earthquake damage; the New York City welfare situation; bicentennial celebration plans in Philadelphia; the Legacy of Parks program; invitations to the President to appear at various events; and Presidential messages of support and congratulations to city officials. Arrangement is, first, chronological, and then, in a local jurisdiction subcategory, alphabetical according to name of local jurisdiction. In this subcategory, Executive files documents falling under each letter of the alphabet are filed first, then General files documents--for example, Executive/Abbeyville to Avoca is filed first, then General/Abbeyville to Avoca, and so on.

Folder Title List

Box 1

EX LG Local Governments 1/1969-2/1969 [1 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 3/1969-4/10/1969 [2 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 4/11/1969-5/1969 [3 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 6/1969 [4 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 7/1969 [5 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 8/1969 [6 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 9/1969-10/1969 [7 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 11/1969-1/1970 [8 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 2/1970 [9 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 3/1970 [10 of 34]

Box 2

EX LG Local Governments 4/1970-5/1970 [11 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 6/2/1970-6/17/1970 [12 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 6/19/1970-7/1970 [13 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 8/1970-10/1970 [14 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 11/1970 [15 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 12/1970 [16 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 1/1971-3/1971 [17 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 4/1971-5/1971 [18 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 6/1/1971-6/2/1971 [19 of 34]

Box 3

EX LG Local Governments 6/7/1971-6/29/1971 [20 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 7/1971-8/1971 [21 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 8/1971-11/1971 [22 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 12/1971-1/1972 [23 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 2/1972-3/1972 [24 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 4/1972-9/1972 [25 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 10/1972-12/1972 [26 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 1/1973 [27 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 2/1973-3/1973 [28 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 4/1973-5/1973 [29 of 34]

Box 4

EX LG Local Governments 6/1973-7/1973 [30 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 8/1973-10/1973 [31 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 11/1973-2/1974 [32 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 3/1974-4/1974 [33 of 34]
EX LG Local Governments 5/1974-8/1974 [34 of 34]
GEN LG Local Governments 1969-2/14/1969 [1 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 2/15/1969-3/7/1969 [2 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 3/8/1969-3/13/1969 [3 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 3/14/1969-4/7/1969 [4 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 4/8/1969-4/14/1969 [5 of 31]

Box 5

GEN LG Local Governments 4/15/1969-4/17/1969 [6 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 4/18/1969-4/21/1969 [7 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 4/22/1969-4/30/1969 [8 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 5/1/1969-5/22/1969 [9 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 5/23/1969-6/10/1969 [10 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 6/11/1969-6/30/1969 [11 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 7/1/1969-7/24/1969 [12 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 7/25/1969-7/28/1969 [13 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 7/29/1969-8/6/1969 [14 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 8/7/1969-8/30/1970 [15 of 31]

Box 6

GEN LG Local Governments 9/1969 [16 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 10/1969 [17 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 11/1969 [18 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 12/1/1969-12/12/1969 [19 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 12/15/1969-1/1970 [20 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 2/1970-3/1970 [21 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 4/1970 [22 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 5/1/1970-5/16/1970 [23 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 5/18/1970-6/15/1970 [24 of 31]

Box 7

GEN LG Local Governments 6/16/1970-6/30/1970 [25 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 7/1970-8/1970 [26 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 9/1970-3/1971 [27 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 4/1971-8/1971 [28 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 9/1971-9/1972 [29 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 1973 [30 of 31]
GEN LG Local Governments 1974 [31 of 31]
EX LG/Abbeville-EX LG/Allegheny County
EX LG/Allen County-EX LG/Arcata

Box 8

EX LG/Arkansas Pass-EX LG/Atlanta
EX LG/Atlantic Beach-EX LG/Ayrshire
GEN LG/Abbeville-GEN LG/Antonito
GEN LG/Apollo-GEN LG/Avoca
EX LG/Babbitt-EX LG/Bay St. Louis
EX LG/Beach Haven-EX LG/Benzie County
EX LG/Berea-EX LG/Biloxi
EX LG/Binghamton-EX LG/Blytheville
EX LG/Boardman-EX LG/Brashear
EX LG/Bratenahl-EX LG/Broome County

Box 9

EX LG Broughton-EX LG/Byron
GEN LG/Babylon-GEN LG/Baldwin Co.
GEN LG/Baltimore-GEN LG/Beltsville
GEN LG/Belvedere-GEN LG/Borough of Narberth
GEN LG/Boston-GEN LG/Bristol County
GEN LG/Brockton-GEN LG/Byron
EX LG/Cabell County-EX LG/Canton Island
EX LG/Cape Canaveral-EX LG/Chardon
EX LG/Charles County-EX LG/Cherryvale
EX LG/Chesapeake-EX LG/Chicago

Box 10

EX LG/Chicago-EX LG/Chula Vista
EX LG/Cincinnati-EX LG/Clemson
EX LG/Cleveland 1969-1971 [1 of 2]
EX LG/Cleveland 1972-1974 [2 of 2]
EX LG/Clifton-EX LG/Columbiana
EX LG/Columbus-EX LG/Conconully
EX LG/Concord-EX LG/Council Bluffs
EX LG/County of Los Angeles-EX LG/Cyprus
EX LG/Caddo Parish-EX LG/Canton Township
GEN LG/Cape Canaveral-GEN LG/Chevy Chase
GEN LG/Chicago

Box 11

GEN LG/Chickasaw-GEN LG/Colonie
GEN LG/Colorado Springs-GEN LG/Cypress
EX LG/Dade County-EX LG/Danville
EX LG/Dare County-EX LG/Delta
EX LG/Demorest-EX LG/Des Plaines
EX LG/Detroit-EX LG/Detroit Lakes
EX LG/Dewey-EX LG/Dysart
GEN LG/Dade County-GEN LG/Derby
GEN LG/Des Moines-GEN LG/Duval County

Box 12

EX LG/Eagle Pass-EX LG/Edwardsville
EX LG/Elberton-EX LG/Elmwood Place
EX LG/El Paso-EX LG/Erie County
EX LG/Escambia County-EX LG/Exeter
GEN LG/Easley-GEN LG/Englewood
GEN LG/Ephrata-GEN LG/Evergreen Park
EX LG/Fairbanks-EX LG/Fayetteville
EX LG/Fell-EX LG/Fort Walton Beach
EX LG/Fort Wayne-EX LG/Fraser
EX LG/Frederick-EX LG/Fulton County
EX LG/Fabens-EX LG/Fort Worth
GEN LG/Foster-GEN LG/Fulton County

Box 13

EX LG/Gadsden-EX LG/Girard
EX LG/Gladewater-EX LG/Grant County
EX LG/Granville-EX LG/Gwinnett County
GEN LG/Gahanna-GEN LG/Gettysburg
GEN LG/Gibson City-GEN LG/Guwin
EX LG/Hackensack-EX LG/Hart
EX LG/Hartford-EX LG/Hazelwood
EX LG/Heath Springs-EX LG/Hiroshima
EX LG/Hobson City-EX LG/Houma
EX LG/Houston
EX LG/Howardville-EX LG/Hyattsville

Box 14

GEN LG/Haddon Township-GEN LG/Harwood Heights
GEN LG/Hastings-GEN LG/Hiroshima
GEN LG/Hoboken-GEN LG/Huron County
EX LG/Iberia Parish-EX LG/Indianapolis
EX LG/Indianapolis
EX LG/Indianapolis-EX LG/Industry
EX LG/Ingham County-EX LG/Ivyland
GEN LG/Idaho Falls-GEN LG/Ithaca
EX LG/Jackson-EX LG/Jeanette
EX LG/Jefferson-EX LG/Jupiter Island
EX LG/Jackson-GEN Juneau

Box 15

EX LG/Kalamazoo-EX LG/Kensington
EX LG/Kent-EX LG/Kyle
GEN LG/Kagoshim-GEN LG/Kwethluk
EX LG/LaBelle-EX LG/Lancaster County
EX LG/Landover Hills-EX LG/Lawton
EX LG/Leandro-EX LG/Lisbon
EX LG/Litchfield-EX LG/Long Branch
EX LG/Long Island-EX LG/Los Altos
EX LG/Los Angeles 1969-1970 [1 of 5]
EX LG/Los Angeles 1/1971-2/1971 [2 of 5]
EX LG/Los Angeles 3/1971-12/1971 [3 of 5]

Box 16

EX LG/Los Angeles 2/1972-9/1972 [4 of 5]
EX LG/Los Angeles 10/1972-10/1974 [5 of 5]
EX LG/Los Angeles-EX LG/Lyons
GEN LG/La Crosse-GEN LG/Lewisville
GEN LG/Lexington-GEN LG/Los Alamitos
GEN LG/Los Angeles 1969-5/1970 [1 of 2]
GEN LG/Los Angeles 6/1970-1974 [2 of 2]
GEN LG/Los Angeles County-GEN LG/Lyons
EX LG/Maben-EX LG/Madison Heights
EX LG/Madrid-EX LG/Marengo
EX LG/Marianna-EX LG/Mays Landing

Box 17

EX LG/McAdoo-EX LG/Meyersdale
EX LG/Miami-EX LG/Milton
EX LG/Milwaukee-EX LG/Missouri Valley
EX LG/Moberly-EX LG/Montgomery County
EX LG/Mont Holly-EX LG/Mount Zion
EX LG/Mukilteo-EX LG/Mystic
GEN LG/Macedon-GEN LG/Maywood
GEN LG/McCamey-GEN LG/Milton
GEN LG/Milwaukee-GEN LG/Monroeville
GEN LG/Montan-GEN LG/Mylai

Box 18

EX LG/Nacogdoches-EX LG/New Albany
EX LG/Newark 1969-7/1971
EX LG/Newark (8/1971-8/1974)-EX LG/New Britain
EX LG/New Brunswick-EX LG/New Orleans
EX LG/Newport-EX LG/New Washington
EX LG/New York City 1969-1970 [1 of 3]
EX LG/New York City 1971-1972 [2 of 3]
EX LG/New York City 1973-1974 [3 of 3]
EX LG/Niagara-EX LG/Northbrook
EX LG/North Canton-EX LG/Nutfield
GEN LG/Nagasaki-GEN LG/New Albion
GEN LG/Newark-GEN LG/New Haven

Box 19

GEN LG/New Iberia-GEN LG/Newton Falls
GEN LG/New York City 1/1969-8/1969 [1 of 3]
GEN LG/New York City 9/1969-9/1970 [2 of 3]
GEN LG/New York City 1973-1974
GEN LG/Nexon-GEN LG/Nunapitchok
GEN LG/Oak Grove-GEN LG/Oliver Springs
EX LG/Olympia-EX LG/Opa Locka
EX LG/Oran-EX LG/Orange County
EX LG/Oreana-EX LG/Oyster Bay
GEN LG/Oberlin-GEN LG/Okmulgee
GEN LG/Olathe-GEN LG/Oyster Bay
EX LG/Pacific-EX LG/Pasadena

Box 20

EX LG/Pasco-EX LG/Phelps County
EX LG/Philadelphia 1969-2/1972 [1 of 4]
EX LG/Philadelphia 3/1972-8/1972 [2 of 4]
EX LG/Philadelphia 9/1972-4/1973 [3 of 4]
EX LG/Philadelphia 5/1973-1974 [4 of 4]
EX LG/Phillipsburg-EX LG/Placerville
EX LG/Plainfield-EX LG/Pompton Lakes
EX LG/Ponce-EX LG/Poughkeepsie
EX LG/Prairie du Rocher-EX LG/Putnam County
GEN LG/Paco County-GEN LG/Petersburg
GEN LG/Philadelphia 1969 [1 of 2]

Box 21

GEN LG/Philadelphia 1970-1974 [2 of 2]
GEN LG/Phoenix-GEN LG/Pittsylvania County
GEN LG/Placentia-GEN LG/Port Arthur
GEN LG/Port Huron-GEN LG/Pullman
EX LG/Quanah-EX LG/Quoque
GEN LG/Queens-GEN LG/Quincy
EX LG/Racine-EX LG/Reston
EX LG/Revere-EX LG/Riviera Beach
EX LG/Roane County-EX LG/Rochester
EX LG/Rockaway-EX LG/Rome
EX LG/Romulus-EX LG/Rye
GEN LG/Raceland-GEN LG/Riverside County
GEN LG/Roanoke-GEN LG/Rye

Box 22

EX LG/Sackets Harbor-EX LG/St. Lawrence County
EX LG/St. Louis-EX LG/Saipan
EX LG/Salem-EX LG/San Buenaventura
EX LG/San Clemente-EX LG/Sanctified Hill
EX LG/San Diego 1969-1972 [1 of 2]
EX LG/San Diego 1973-1974 [2 of 2]
EX LG/San Diego County-EX LG/San Fernando
EX LG/San Francisco
EX LG/San Gabriel-EX LG/San Jose
EX LG/San Juan-EX LG/San Salvador
EX LG/Santa Ana-EX LG/Sanwood
EX LG/Sapulpa-EX LG/Seat Pleasant

Box 23

EX LG/Seattle 1969-1971 [1 of 2]
EX LG/Seattle 1972-1974 [2 of 2]
EX LG/Seattle (King County)-EX LG/Shohole
EX LG/Shreveport-EX LG/Solon
EX LG/Somers-EX LG/Southwick
EX LG/Sparta-EX LG/Stanhope
GEN LG/Stanislaus-GEN LG/Sturgis
EX LG/Sublette-EX LG/Syracuse
GEN LG/Sacramento-GEN LG/San Buena
GEN LG/San Clemente-GEN LG/San Dimas
GEN LG/Sanford-GEN LG/San Jose

Box 24

GEN LG/San Juan-GEN LG/Santa Clara County
GEN LG/Santa Cruz-GEN LG/Santa Clara County
GEN LG/Seattle
GEN LG/Sebastian-GEN LG/Shreveport
GEN LG/Sidney-GEN LG/Speedway
GEN LG/Spokane-GEN LG/Syracuse
EX LG/Table Grove-EX LG/Tazewell County
EX LG/Teaneck-EX LG/Tivoli
EX LG/Toccoa-EX LG/Trumbull County
EX LG/Tuckahoe-EX LG/Tulsa
EX LG/Tuolumne-EX LG/Tyrone
GEN LG/Table Rock-GEN LG/Tonawanda

Box 25

GEN LG/Torrance-GEN LG/Tustin
EX LG/Ukiah-EX LG/Utica
GEN LG/Ukiah-GEN LG/Utica
EX LG/Valdosta-EX LG/Volusia County
EX LG/Wabash County-EX LG/Waseca
EX LG/Washington-EX LG/Waynesville
EX LG/Weakley County-EX LG/Westmoreland County
EX LG/West New York-EX LG/Whittier
EX LG/Wichita-EX LG/Wilkes County
EX LG/Willard-EX LG/Winooski

Box 26

EX LG/Winsted-EX LG/Wyoming Valley
GEN LG/Wabash-GEN LG/Wayne County
GEN LG/Webberville-GEN LG/Whittier
GEN LG/Wichita-GEN LG/Willard
GEN LG/Williamsburg-GEN LG/Wyoming Valley
EX LG/Xenia-EX LG/York County
EX LG/Youngstown-EX LG/Zeeland
GEN LG/Xenia-GEN LG/Zuni