LE (Legislation) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

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The subject category is composed of correspondence, messages and drafts of Presidential messages, memoranda, cross references, notes, petitions, press releases, cables, telegrams, wires, printed material and newspaper clippings concerning Administration legislation policy and Federal legislative programs. Major correspondents include Bryce N. Harlow, John D. Ehrlichman, Henry A. Kissinger, Kenneth R. Cole, Jr., William E. Timmons, Edward L. Morgan, Peter M. Flanigan, John C. Campbell, Dwight L. Chapin, Egil Krogh, Jr., Harry S. Dent, Richard K. Cook, Tod R. Hullin, Kenneth E. BeLieu, Wilfred H. Rommel, Edwin L. Harper, William E. Casselman, Clark MacGregor, Leonard Garment, Peter G. Peterson, Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Tom C. Korologos, John W. Dean III, David H. Gunning, Eugene S. Cowen, Daniel W. Hofgren, John R. Brown III and Max L. Friedersdorf. Related subject categories in the White House Central Files include Federal Government (FG) files for concerned agencies, commissions and White House staff; Public Relations (PR), Speeches (SP), Federal Government (FE), Political Affairs (PL) and White House Administration (WH). The Name File and the Staff Member and Office Files also hold materials related to this subject category.

The Executive files typically contain communications among White House staff members and with heads of agencies, members of Congress and other important correspondents. Although General file material overlaps in type that of the Executive files - most notably in that both files usually contain exchanges with members of Congress - it is likely to be composed primarily of communications with state and local officials, representatives of concerned organizations and the general public.


Topics covered include major legislative issues facing Congress; summaries of legislative proposals sent to Congress; the Administration's legislative program; status of legislation endorsed by the President; schedule of Presidential messages, statements and speeches; Administration legislative priorities; procedures of bill-signing ceremonies; Administration bills pending in Congress; House/Senate schedules; subjects of inclusion in the President's State of the Union speech; legislation proposed by departments and agencies; reports on Congressional activity concerning selected Administration bills; OMB/Treasury Department clearance of domestic programs; "must legislation" and Administration legislative positions and strategy.


Topics covered include proposed Senate Resolution 9 changing the cloture rule from two-thirds to three-fifths present and voting.


Topics covered include the anti-lobbying provisions of the U.S. code (18 USC 1913).


Topics covered include the application of the statute of limitations; agency recommendations to the President concerning the approval or disapproval of private enrolled bills and a proposal to give special recognition to John C. Garant, inventor of the M-1 rifle.


Topics covered include the President's pocket veto authority; the history of vetoes and their use by past Presidents; recommendations to the President regarding the vetoing of bills passed by Congress; the President's position on specific legislation; the President's veto messages and memoranda of disapproval, and Administration veto strategy.


Topics covered include Congressional Quarterly's Presidential support index of House members.

Folder Title List

Box 1

EX LE Legislation [1/1/1969]-4/30/1969
EX LE Legislation 5/1/1969-6/30/1969
EX LE Legislation 7/1/1969-7/31/1969
EX LE Legislation 8/1/1969-8/31/1969
EX LE Legislation 9/1/1969-9/30/1969
EX LE Legislation 10/1/1969-12/8/1969

Box 2

EX LE Legislation 12/9/1969-12/30/1969
EX LE Legislation 1/1/1970-2/28/1970
EX LE Legislation 3/1/1970-4/30/1970
EX LE Legislation 5/1/1970-7/31/1970
EX LE Legislation 8/1/1970-10/6/1970
EX LE Legislation 10/7/1970-10/26/1970

Box 3

EX LE Legislation 10/26/1970
EX LE Legislation 10/29/1970
EX LE Legislation 10/29/1970-11/30/1970
EX LE Legislation 12/3/1970-12/28/1970
EX LE Legislation 12/29/1970-12/31/1970
EX LE Legislation 1/1/1971-1/31/1971

Box 4

EX LE Legislation 2/1/1971-2/28/1971
EX LE Legislation 3/1/1971-3/31/1971
EX LE Legislation 4/1/1971-5/31/1971
EX LE Legislation 6/1/1971-7/31/1971
EX LE Legislation 8/1/1971-8/31/1971
EX LE Legislation 9/1/1971-10/31/1971

Box 5

EX LE Legislation 11/1/1971-1/31/1972
EX LE Legislation 2/1/1972-4/30/1972
EX LE Legislation 5/1/1972-5/31/1972
EX LE Legislation 6/1/1972-9/30/1972
EX LE Legislation 10/1/1972-10/31/1972
EX LE Legislation 11/1/1972-11/30/1972

Box 6

EX LE Legislation 12/1/1972-1/31/1973
EX LE Legislation 2/1/1973-3/31/1973
EX LE Legislation 4/1/1973-4/30/1973
EX LE Legislation 5/1/1973-6/30/1973
EX LE Legislation 7/1/1973-7/31/1973
EX LE Legislation 8/1/1973-8/31/1973
EX LE Legislation 9/1/1973-9/30/1973

Box 7

EX LE Legislation 10/1/1973-1/31/1974
EX LE Legislation 2/1/1974-7/31/1974
GEN LE Legislation [1/1/1969]-5/31/1969
GEN LE Legislation 6/1/1969-12/31/1970
GEN LE Legislation 2/1/1971-3/31/1974
EX LE 1 Filibustering
GEN LE 1 Filibustering [Empty]
EX LE 2 Lobbying
GEN LE 2 Lobbying
EX LE 3 Private Relief Bills [1969]
EX LE 3 Private Relief Bills [1970]

Box 8

EX LE 3 Private Relief Bills [1971-1972]
EX LE 3 Private Relief Bills [1973]
EX LE 3 Private Relief Bills [1974]
GEN LE 3 Private Relief Bills
EX LE 4 Vetoes and Repeals [1968-1970]

Box 9

EX LE 4 Vetoes and Repeals [1971-9/30/1972]
EX LE 4 Vetoes and Repeals 10/3/1972-10/25/1972
EX LE 4 Vetoes and Repeals 10/27/1972-12/31/1972
EX LE 4 Vetoes and Repeals [1973-1974]
GEN LE 4 Vetoes and Repeals
EX LE 5 Voting Records of Members of Congress
GEN LE 5 Voting Records of Members of Congress