FG 6-14 (Office of Telecommunications Policy) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

Scope and Content Note

In September 1970, President Nixon established the Office of Telecommunications Policy (OTP) by Executive Order 11556 to take over the former Office of Telecommunications Management. The objective was to oversee the federal government's use of long distance communications. The President waned the OTP to "serve as his principal advisor, help formulate policies, and act as a more effective partner in discussions of communications policy with both Congress and the FCC."

Principal correspondents include President Nixon, Robert Finch, Counsel to the President, Peter Flanigan, Political/Economic Advisor, Dr. Glen Wegner, Deputy Counselor, and OTP Director Clay T. Whitehead.

The files reflect the President's concerns with communications and technology. Subjects that are covered in this collection are Cable TV, Cable-Broadcast Interaction, National Communications Ssstem, spectrum management process, and research and analysis.

The terms Executive and General precede each file designation. The Executive file category contains correspondence of the President, White House Staff, and the OTP. The General file category contains correspondence of the general public, members of Congress, and White House Staff. The files subdivided /A indicate files relating to career appointments. The FG 6-14 category consists of drafts, letters, memoranda, published reports, and working papers.

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