FG 53 (United States District Courts) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

Scope and Content Note

The subject category is composed of correspondence, memoranda, drafts, transmittal memos, and handwritten notes regarding nominations, appointments, and resignations to the United States District Courts within the judicial branch. The district courts are the lowest trial courts which have general Federal jurisdiction. There are a total of eighty-eight district courts in the fifty states, as well as additional courts for the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Each district court has between one and twenty-four judgeships, depending on the amount of judicial work within the district. The subject category is subdivided by state number. For example, FG 53/ST 1 contains documents relating to district courts in the state of Alabama. (See appendix for a complete listing of state numbers.)

Principal correspondents include John Mitchell, William Saxbe, Richard Kleindienst, John Ehrlichman, William Timmons, and Henry Fleming. Related subject categories in the White House Central Files include Federal Government (FG) files for subject concerned agencies, commissions and White House staff members.

The Executive files typically contain communications among White House staff members and with heads of agencies, members of Congress and other important correspondents. Although General file material overlaps in type with that of the Executive files - most notably in that both files usually contain exchanges with members of Congress - it is more likely to be composed primarily of communications with state and local officials, representatives of concerned organizations, and the general public.

This category subdivides first by the FG # for the District Court for the District of Columbia (FG 106) and then by the subdivisions for the individual states (ST #). Where "A" follows a numeric file designation, it indicates files relating to appointments, nominations, and resignations within that organization.


ST 1   Alabama
ST 2   Alaska
ST 3   Arizona
ST 4   Arkansas
ST 5   California
ST 6   Colorado
ST 7   Connecticut
ST 8   Delaware
ST 9   Florida
ST 10   Georgia
ST 11   Hawaii
ST 12   Idaho
ST 13   Illinois
ST 14   Indiana
ST 15   Iowa
ST 16   Kansas
ST 17   Kentucky
ST 18   Louisiana
ST 19   Maine
ST 20   Maryland
ST 21   Massachusetts
ST 22   Michigan
ST 23   Minnesota
ST 24   Mississippi
ST 25   Missouri
ST 26   Montana
ST 27   Nebraska
ST 28   Nevada
ST 29   New Hampshire
ST 30   New Jersey
ST 31   New Mexico
ST 32   New York
ST 33   North Carolina
ST 34   North Dakota
ST 35   Ohio
ST 36   Oklahoma
ST 37   Oregon
ST 38   Pennsylvania
ST 39   Rhode Island
ST 40   South Carolina
ST 41   South Dakota
ST 42   Tennessee
ST 43   Texas
ST 44   Utah
ST 45   Vermont
ST 46   Virginia
ST 47   Washington
ST 48   West Virginia
ST 49   Wisconsin
ST 50   Wyoming
ST 51   Territories and Islands

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