FG 119 (Federal Council for Science and Technology) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

Scope and Content Note

Filed under the category FG (Federal Goverment-Organization) are materials pertaining to matters such as establishment, disestablishment, organization, reorganization, audits, inspections, investigations, location, relocation, regulations, reports, appointments, and endorsements to top positions.

FG 119 contains materials pertaining to the Federal Council for Science and Technology, which was established in 1959 to guide and coordinate Federal agency programs and to advise the President. The Council was chaired by the Director of the Office of Science and Technology until that Office was abolished on June 30, 1973, then by the Director of the National Science Foundation, which assumed the functions of the OST. The rest of the Council is composed of policy rank officers from eleven departments and agencies, and observers from seven other departments and agencies. Correspondents include the Council Chairman and executive secretary, the President, White House staff members, and heads of Federal departments and agencies. Related information may be found in the following White House Central File subject categories.

FG 6-4 National Aeronautics and Space Council

FG 6-9 Office of Science and Technology

FG 6-11-1/DuBridge, Lee DuBridge, Lee

FG 21 Department of Commerce

FG 23 Department of Health, Education and Welfare

FG 152 National Academy of Sciences

FG 164 National Aeronautics and Space Administration

FG 182 National Science Foundation

FG 209 President's Science Advisory Committee

FG 221 Task Forces


Topics in the Executive file include, among others, appointments; selection of aides to Cabinet members in the area of science and technology; effects of the reorganization of the Federal Science Advisory apparatus; Council meetings; recommended policy revisions; reports on patent policy, systematic biology, and intergovernmental science relations; surveys of research on family planning and population; doemstic technology transfer; need for a Presidential statement on technical goals; the fall-out effect of defense and space research and development; and a UNESCO sponsored Intergovernmental Conference for the Establishment of a World Science Information System (UNISIST).

The General file contains material about a report undertaken for the Council by Science Communications, Inc.

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