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The materials in this subject file pertain to education matters including educational institutions (pre-school, elementary, secondary, college and university, graduate, technical and vocational) both public and private, requirements, needs, standards, training programs, facilities, staff and students, libraries, scholarships, fellowships and grants. The primary correspondents are Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Chester Finn, Charles Wilkerson, John Ehrlichman, Edward Morgan, Peter Flanigan, Robert Finch, Sidney Marland and Elliot Richardson.

Other subject files containing education matters are:

FA 3 Federal Aid to Education

FG 23 Department of Health, Education and Welfare

FG 23-6 Office of Education

FG 288 President Commission on Campus Unrest

FI 5-6 Credit-Loans-Schools

FI 5-6-1 Student-Teachers

HE 8 Research-Health

HU 2-1 Equality-Education-Schooling

HU 3-1 Campus Unrest

IN Indians

LA 6 Labor-Strikes

ND 14 National Defense-Service Schools

ND 21 Military Deferment-Draft

VA 3 Veterans Affairs-Educational Programs

WE 9 Youth Programs

WE 10-1 Head Start Programs


The Education File contains requests for Presidential messages, statements, speeches, meetings and appointments for teachers, education groups and students. There are also copies of Presidential letters, messages, proclamations, and statements on educators and education issues. Throughout this file are comments, suggestions and recommendations on ways to improve education in this country. Included in this file are discussions, memos, plans and proposals for the President's Message and the National Institute of Education. There was concern expressed that the Administration appeared anti-education and particularly anti-student. There are many letters and comments on student unrest on the campuses. Issues of compensatory education and IQ scholastic achievement and genetic background also appeared in the correspondence. Numerous comments were made on the system of education vouchers and IRS rulings on tax exempt status of private schools. There are several mentions of the President's Advisory Committee on Education and the Cabinet Committee on Education. Some correspondence concerned Chancellor Alexander Heard who functioned during the first Administration as liaison between the Administration and the education community. In addition there are many petitions and letters concerning reinstating prayer in schools. There is also some material on Indian education.

The General File materials contain a great many requests for Presidential appointments, meetings and messages. In addition there is correspondence on reinstating prayer, teaching sex education and bussing students. Individuals and groups expressed concern over school financing and teacher salaries. Not only were people concerned about campus unrest and protests against the war, but also student draft deferments. There are additional materials on the education voucher system and IRS rulings on the tax exempt status of private schools. There are many references to the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans program. Drug abuse programs and dropouts from school were also subjects of discussion.


The Executive File materials contain correspondence on Presidential messages and statements on the dedication of new school buildings. There are additional materials on the IRS ruling on tax exemptions for private schools and desegregation. Numerous requests were made to the President for Federal assistance for fuel oil for schools during the oil shortage. Additional requests were made for Federal lands for construction of public schools. Comments were made on accreditation issues.

The General File materials concern campus disorders including the issues of the ROTC programs on campuses, and efforts to keep universities open during demonstrations. Again there are requests for Federal lands for new public schools. There is much concern over cuts in school construction funds. Several individuals were unhappy about consolidations and mergers of schools particularly in rural areas. There were many petitions for prayer in schools.


In the Executive File materials there are numerous statements by the President in support of libraries and dedication speeches by the President. There are additional comments on financing of library services particularly cuts in funding. There are comments on S. 1579, a bill creating a commission on libraries. Many individuals wrote in support of the Library Services and Construction Act. There are also requests for Federal lands for building of libraries.

The General File materials contain correspondence on Presidential support of Library Services and Construction Act, Title I and Title II. Many protested cuts in funding of libraries. Concern was expressed about governmental agents checking library records to see what was being read and by whom.


The Executive File materials contain Presidential congratulatory messages on awards, scholarships and grants. There are comments on the Fulbright and other foreign study scholarships and the Eisenhower Exchange Program. A large amount of correspondence concerned the Presidential Scholars Program. There is also a case concerning the National Science Board's statement on "Support and Conduct of Research and Scholarship by the Federal Government" submitted by the Ash Council. Proposals were made to set up scholarships for the children of the POW/MIAs. In addition there is correspondence concerning twin girls Nixon met in Bolivia in 1958 and he promised when they graduated to help them enroll in college in the United States.

The General File materials include requests for meetings with the President as well as messages and statements. In addition to correspondence concerning the Presidential Scholars Program there is material about the White House Fellows Program. There are more materials pertaining to scholarships for children of POW/MIAs and the Bolivian twins.


In the Executive File there are numerous messages from the President to teachers. There are many letters and petitions protesting application of Wage-Price Commission policies to teacher salaries. Throughout the file there are comments on teacher training programs supported by HEW and the Teachers Corps.

Contained in the General File are Presidential messages and statements. There are many letters from teachers concerned with the impact of the wage-price freeze. In addition there are comments on desegregation of teaching faculties and teacher contracts.


The Executive File materials contain many suggestions for ways to improve teaching. The largest amount of material concern educational television and particularly children's television programming.

In General File there is correspondence concerned over the reduction in funds for educational television. Also there is information on the beginning of "Sesame Street". Again there are letters and petitions pertaining to sex education being taught in the public schools.

ED 6 RIGHT TO READ [1969-1970]

The Executive File contains some congratulatory letters from the President but most of the materials concern the establishment and development of the Right to Read program.

The General file consists of offers to assist in the Right to Read program and Project Harlem-Opportunity.


The Executive File contains memos and plans for a Presidential appearance on educational television. There is also some correspondence concerning the difficulties in securing HEW funds for the Right to Read program.

In the General File there is more material concerning the Right to Read program funds. There are also some comments on the Pyramid of Success program and bilingual education.

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EX ED Education Beginning to 5/31/1969
EX ED Education 6/1/1969-9/30/1969
EX ED Education 10/1/1969-12/31/1969
EX ED Education 1/1/1970-3/31/1970
EX ED Education 4/1/1970-5/20/1970

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EX ED Education 5/21/1970-6/21/1970
EX ED Education 6/22/1970-6/30/1970
EX ED Education 7/1/1970-7/14/1970
EX ED Education 7/15/1970-7/31/1970
EX ED Education 8/1/1970-9/30/1970
EX ED Education 10/1/1970-12/31/1970
EX ED Education 1/1/1971-3/31/1971

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EX ED Education 4/1/1971-5/31/1971
EX ED Education 6/1/1971-6/30/1971
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EX ED Education 10/1/1971-12/31/1971
EX ED Education 1/1/1972-[12/29/1972]

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EX ED Education 1/1/1973-3/31/1973
EX ED Education 4/1/1973-8/31/1973
EX ED Education 9/1/1973-12/31/1973
EX ED Education 1/1/1974-[7/30/1974] [1 of 2]
EX ED Education 1/1/1974-[7/30/1974] [2 of 2]
GEN ED Education Begin-2/18/1969
GEN ED Education 2/19/1969-2/28/1969

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GEN ED Education 3/1/1969-3/31/1969
GEN ED Education 4/1/1969-4/30/1969
GEN ED Education 5/1/1969-5/15/1969
GEN ED Education 5/16/1969-6/11/1969
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GEN ED Education 7/1/1969-7/31/1969
GEN ED Education 8/1/1969-8/31/1969

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GEN ED Education 9/1/1969-10/22/1969
GEN ED Education 10/23/1969-11/30/1969
GEN ED Education 12/1/1969-12/31/1969
GEN ED Education 1/1/1970-1/31/1970
GEN ED Education 2/1/1970-2/28/1970
GEN ED Education 3/1/1970-3/31/1970
GEN ED Education 4/1/1970-4/30/1970 [1 of 2]
GEN ED Education 4/1/1970-4/30/1970 [2 of 2]

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GEN ED Education 5/1/1970-5/31/1970
GEN ED Education 6/1/1970-6/30/1970
GEN ED Education 7/1/1970-7/31/1970 [1 of 2]
GEN ED Education 7/1/1970-7/31/1970 [2 of 2]
GEN ED Education 8/1/1970-8/31/1970
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GEN ED Education 10/1/1970-10/31/1970

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GEN ED Education 11/1/1970-11/30/1970
GEN ED Education 12/1/1970-12/31/1970
GEN ED Education 1/1/1971-5/31/1971
GEN ED Education 6/1/1971-7/31/1971
GEN ED Education 8/1/1971-12/31/1971
GEN ED Education 1/1/1972-3/31/1972

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GEN ED Education 4/1/1972-4/30/1972
GEN ED Education 5/1/1972-[5/1/1972-8/31/1972] [1 of 2]
GEN ED Education 5/1/1972-[9/1/1972-12/31/1972] [2 of 2]
GEN ED Education 1/1/1973-6/30/1973
GEN ED Education 7/1/1973-[8/2/1974]

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EX ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities [1/23/1969-12/14/1970]
EX ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 1/1/1971-[10/31/1972]
EX ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 1/1/1973-[5/16/1974]
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities Begin-3/20/1969
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 3/21/1969-4/30/1969
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 5/1/1969-5/31/1969
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 6/1/1969-10/24/1969
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 10/25/1969-12/31/1969

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GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 1/1/1970-4/30/1970
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 5/1/1970-7/31/1970
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 8/1/1970-9/30/1970
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 10/1/1970-12/31/1970
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 1/1/1971-[12/15/1972]
GEN ED 1 Buildings-Grounds-Facilities 1/1/1973-[6/5/1974]
EX ED 2 Libraries [1/23/1969-11/16/1970]
EX ED 2 Libraries 1/1/1971-[12/15/1972]
EX ED 2 Libraries 1/1/1973-[7/9/1974]

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GEN ED 2 Libraries [2/3/1969-8/28/1970]
GEN ED 2 Libraries 1/1/1971-[12/15/1972]
GEN ED 2 Libraries 1/1/1973-[8/4/1974]
EX ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants [2/7/1969-12/3/1970] [1 of 2]
EX ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants [2/7/1969-12/3/1970] [2 of 2]
EX ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants 1/1/1971-7/31/1971
EX ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants 8/1/1971-12/31/1971
EX ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants 1/1/1972-[12/27/1972]

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EX ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants 1/1/1973-[7/30/1974]
GEN ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants Beginning-7/31/1969
GEN ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants 8/1/1969-12/31/1969
GEN ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants 1/1/1970-[12/28/1970]
GEN ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants 1/1/1971-[12/26/1972]
GEN ED 3 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants 1/1/1973-[7/24/1974]

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EX ED 4 Teachers [4/24/1969-12/12/1970]
EX ED 4 Teachers 1/1/1971-[10/17/1972]
GEN ED 4 Teachers 1/1/1973-[5/3/1973]
GEN ED 4 Teachers [12/20/1968-11/17/1970]
GEN ED 4 Teachers 1/1/1971-[11/25/1972]
GEN ED 4 Teachers 1/1/1973-[9/24/1973]
EX ED 5 Teaching Methods [2/21/1969-12/4/1970]
GEN ED 5 Teaching Methods 1/1/1971-[11/15/1972]
EX ED 5 Teaching Methods 1/1/1973-[4/29/1974]

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GEN ED 5 Teaching Methods [1/28/1969-12/17/1970] [1 of 2]
GEN ED 5 Teaching Methods [1/28/1969-12/17/1970] [2 of 2]
GEN ED 5 Teaching Methods 1/1/1971-[11/28/1972]
GEN ED 5 Teaching Methods 1/1/1973-[1/31/1974]
EX ED 6 Right to Read [1/1/1969-12/31/1970]
EX ED 6 Educational Programs 1/1/1971-[7/19/1972]
EX ED 6 Educational Programs 1/1/1973-[6/29/1974]
GEN ED 6 Right to Read [10/23/1969-12/10/1970]

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GEN ED 6 Educational Programs 1/1/1971-[10/21/1972]
GEN ED 6 Educational Programs 1/1/1973-[4/24/1974]