Allen C. Hall (White House Central Files: Staff Member and Office Files)

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The Presidential historical materials of Allen C. Hall are in the custody of the National Archives and Records Administration under the provisions of Title I of the Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act of 1974 (44 U.S.C. 2111 note) and implementing regulations. In accordance with the act and regulations, archivists reviewed the file group to identify personal and private materials (including materials outside the date span covered by the act) as well as nonhistorical items. These materials have been returned to the individual who has primary proprietary interest.

Materials covered by the Act have been archivally processed and are described in this register. Items which are security classified or otherwise restricted under the act and regulations have been removed and placed in a closed file. A Document Withdrawal Record (NA Form 14021) with a description of each restricted document has been inserted at the beginning of each folder from which materials have been removed. A Document Control Record marks the original position of the withdrawn item. Employees of the National Archives will review periodically the unclassified portions of closed materials for the purpose of opening those which no longer require restriction.

  • Linear measurement of materials:   2.5 linear feet
  • Approximate number of pages:   1,900
Biographical Note

1946 Born Allen Capps Hall

1968 B.A., Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri

1971 Staff Assistant to President Nixon

Scope and Content Note

The office files of Allen C. Hall reflect his responsibilities as a Staff Assistant to President Nixon in 1972.  During this time, his work included handling the correspondence and scheduling of Edward Cox.  Other public relations issues covered by the files include women in the Nixon Administration and the President’s association with the automobile racing industry.

Series Description

Boxes:   1-6
Series:   Subject Files
Spans:   1972
Description:  Materials include memoranda, letters, and schedules regarding the public appearances of Edward Cox.  Also included are folders containing reports, speeches, and press releases on women in the Nixon administration and the President’s association with the automobile racing industry.  Materials are arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder.

Folder Title List


Box 1

Automobile Racing (1 of 2)
Automobile Racing (2 of 2)
Automobile Racing Plan, Presidential Participation In
Auto Reception Attendees -- 9/21/71
Campaign Event Proposals
Daily Work

Box 2

Edward Cox Correspondence
Ed Cox, Fact Sheets & Remarks
Letters and Memos -- Allen Hall (1 of 2)
Letters and Memos -- Allen Hall (2 of 2)
Letters, September 2-3, 1972. LA, CA.
Letters, September 12, 1972.  York, PA.
Letters, September 15, 1972.  Dayton.
Letters, September 17, 1972.  Rhode Island.
Letters, September 18, 1972.  Boston, NH.
Letters, September 22, 1972.  Central, NY.
Letters, September 23, 1972.  Parade, NYC.
Letters, September 25, 1972.  Richmond, VA.
Letters, September 26, 1972.  Maine.
Letters, September 26, 1972.  Wilmington.
Letters, September 27, 1972.  Detroit.
Letters, September 28/29, 1972.  Indiana.
Letters, October 2, 1972.  Illinois.
Letters, October 3, 1972.  Quad Cities/ Illinois.
Letters, October 6, 1972.  Baltimore.
Letters, October 7, 1972.  Ohio.
Letters, October 8, 1972.  NYC Parade.
Letters, October 9, 1972.  West Massachusetts.
Letters, October 11, 1972.  Long Island.
Letters, October 12, 1972.  Erie/ Ohio.
Letters, October 13, 1972.  PA/ W.VA
Letters, October 16, 17, 18, 1972.  California.
Letters, October 19, 1972.  Oregon/ Washington.
Letters, October 20, 1972.  Minnesota.
Letters, October 23, 1972.  Connecticut.
Letters, October 24, 1972.  Massachusetts.
Letters, October 26, 1972.  Illinois.
Letters, October 26, 1972.  Wisconsin.
Letters, October 28, 1972.  Springfield, Illinois.
Letters, October 30, 1972.  North Carolina.
Letters, November 2, 1972.  Michigan/ Indiana.
Letters, November 4, 1972.  Muncie.

Box 3

Office Procedures
Presidential Speeches
St. Louis Photographer
Tennis Tournament
Women Publicity

Box 4

Ed Cox:  Schedule Proposals Unused
Ed Cox:  Summer Leadership Training Session of NY State Jaycees, Binghampton, NY, 8/19/72
Ed Cox:  New York City Visit 9/7/72
Ed Cox:  Trips Taken Over the Labor Day Weekend in California
Ed Cox:  Visits to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, 9/7,8,9,10/ 1972
Ed Cox:  University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 9/11/72
Ed Cox:  Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, 9/12/72
Ed Cox:  Columbia, Maryland, 9/13/72
Ed Cox:  Dayton, Ohio, 9/15/72
Ed Cox:  Cincinnati, Ohio, 9/15/72
Ed Cox:  Providence, Rhode Island, 9/17/72
Ed Cox:  Boston, Massachusetts; Nashua, NH 9/18/72
Ed Cox:  Rochester/ Syracuse, 9/21/72
Ed Cox:  Schnectady/ Troy, New York, 9/22/72
Ed Cox:  Steuben Day Parade and Dinner, New York City, 9/23/72
Ed Cox:  Richmond, Virginia.  Monday, September 25, 1972.
Ed Cox:  Maine/ Delaware, Tuesday, September 26, 1972
Ed Cox:  Detroit.  Wednesday, September 27, 1972
Ed Cox:  Indianapolis, Thursday, September 28, 1972
Ed Cox:  Pennsylvania (Canvassing Swing), September 30, 1972
Ed Cox:  New Jersey, October 6, 1972

Box 5

Ed Cox:  Ohio, October 7, 1972
Ed Cox:  Parade, NYC, October 8, 1972
Ed Cox:  Western Massachusetts, October 9, 1972
Ed Cox:  New York, L.I., October 11, 1972
Ed Cox:  Pennsylvania/ Ohio, October 12, 1972
Ed Cox:  Pennsylvania/ West Virginia, October 13, 1972
Ed Cox:  Northern California/ Nevada, October 16, 17, 18, 1972
Ed Cox:  Oregon, October 19, 1972
Ed Cox:  Washington, October 19, 20, 1972
Ed Cox:  Minnesota, October 20, 21, 1972
Ed Cox:  Connecticut, October 23, 1972
Ed Cox:  Massachusetts, October 24, 1972
Ed Cox:  Wisconsin, October 27, 1972
Ed Cox:  Illinois, October 26, 28, 1972
Ed Cox:  North Carolina, October 30, 1972

Box 6

Ed Cox:  New York, October 31, 1972
Ed Cox:  Michigan/ Indiana, November 2, 1972
Ed Cox:  Missouri/ South Dakota, November 3, 1972
Ed Cox:  Iowa/ Indiana, November 4, 1972
Ed Cox:  Long Island, November 6, 7, 1972