Called Upon By The Voice Of My Country: Inaugurations As History, Ritual And Celebration

October 31, 2008 to April 19, 2009. 

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum has mounted an exhibition about US presidential inaugurals that includes observing President Nixon's 40th anniversary of his presidential inauguration in 1969. The exhibition is entitled, Called upon by the Voice of my Country: Inaugurations as History, Ritual and Celebration. The initial title recalls George Washington’s brief words from his 1793 inaugural address. Highlights include a 1789 letter from George Washington to James Madison asking him to secure lodgings for him as he prepared to travel to New York for his inauguration as new President of the U.S.; there's also a portion of William Henry Harrison's 1841 Inaugural Address. Modern US Presidents' speeches will include FDR's 1937 and 1945 addresses, Reagan's 1985 speech, Clinton's 1993 speech, and President Nixon's 1969 address. Audiovisual material and photographs will be displayed, as well as a good representation of inaugural Collectibles from Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. On display will be both 1969 inaugural ball gowns worn by Tricia Nixon and Julie Nixon Eisenhower as well as First Lady Laura Bush’s own gown from the 2005 inaugural ball. A “hot pink” coat and dress worn by First Lady Pat Nixon at her husband’s 1969 swearing-in-ceremony will also be on display. Other items on display will include correspondence, inaugural ceremony tickets and programs, lunch and dinner menus, and tickets and dance cards for the inaugural balls. For our visitors’ enjoyment, we are building a diorama representing the US Capitol steps. Here the visitor can re-enact the Presidential swearing-in ceremony, with US presidential swearing-in ceremonies playing nearby. Location: Hallway Gallery