Attention Mouseketeers!
Richard M. Nixon is considered the foremost Disney Fan out of any U.S. President. As a native of Orange County, he still holds the record for the most visits to Disneyland by any U.S. President. The Nixon Library Education and Public Programs team, with the help of Jason Schultz, Supervisory Archivist, has developed a new email series that highlights the relationship between the Nixon and Disney families. Utilizing documents and artifacts from our vault as well as websites dedicated to the lore of the Park, please join us in our journey through history.

Back to School with the National Archives!
The Education and Public Programs Team at the Nixon Library is pleased to remind you that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) continues to be an excellent source for entertaining content, historical research and instructional needs! Simply follow the links below for additional information

The Presidents Club: From Adams & Jefferson to Nixon & Trump
The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum will open a brand-new special exhibit, The Presidents Club: From Adams & Jefferson to Nixon & Trump, on Thursday, September 24.

Celebrate Constitution Day
Every September 17, our nation celebrates Constitution Day and Citizenship Day-the day the Founders signed the Constitution in 1787. The National Archives are the guardians of the nation's Charters of Freedom, including the Constitution, serving a key role in this celebration. We are celebrating too! Access links to a variety of Constitution-related resources.

NARA DocsTeach for Virtual Learning now Online
This four-part, mini-webinar series specifically geared to support educators that live-streamed between Aug. 4th and Aug. 13th, is now available online.

New Podcast about the 1960 Presidential Election
The JFK Library Foundation is launching a special podcast series, 60/20: The Election of 1960 and Its Echoes Today. The series will cover the 1960 campaign from the primaries through Election Night, highlighting key moments and lesser-known stories in the race leading up to the final vote.

Commemorate the 19th Amendment Centennial Anniversary
The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is proud to participate in the national Forward Into Light campaign that commemorates the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment and women's constitutional right to vote.

August is National Women's Suffrage Month. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is excited to share fun, educational ways for children of all ages to enjoy the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

We are celebrating the 19th Amendment Centennial in purple and gold!
The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is participating in the national "Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission (WSCC) Forward Into Light Campaign" from Tuesday, August 18 through Wednesday, August 26.

Watch Nixon Legacy Forums on YouTube
The Richard Nixon Foundation has compiled links to 42 Nixon Legacy Forum videos on their YouTube channel. Click the link to learn more.