Haller, Bruce R.

Conversation 744-002

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On June 30, 1972, during a photographic session, President Richard M. Nixon and incumbent Republican senators and representatives as well as Congressional candidates, including Howard H. Baker, Jr., J. Caleb Boggs, Edward W. Brooke, Clifford P. Case, Mark O. Hatfield, Charles H. Percy, Jr., James B. Pearson, John G. Tower, John B. Anderson, Mark Andrews, William Archer, Jr., Leslie C. Arends, John M. Ashbrook, Edward G. Biester, Jr., William G. Bray, Clarence J. Brown, Jr. [?], James T. Broyhill, John H. Buchanan, Jr., J. Herbert Burke, John N. ("Happy") Camp, Elford A. Cederberg, Don H.

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