Amending America: The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments

April 1 to May 29, 2017

2016 marked the 225th anniversary of the Bill of Rights - the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.

The National Archives and Records Administration or NARA recognized the importance of the anniversary with the creation of the "Amending America" project for learning more about the Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments to the Constitution.

The "Amending America" exhibitNational Conversations on #RightsandJustice, and free eBooks are among the available resources that explore how, why, and when the Constitution has been amended "in order to form a more perfect union" for all.

Amending America eBooks include:

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Ever wondered how the process to amend the Constitution works? Watch this short "Amending America: How Do We Amend?" video:


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The 26th Amendment

The 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age from 21 to 18, was certified on July 5, 1971. President Richard M. Nixon and three of the "Young Americans in Concert" (Julianne Jones, Joseph W. Loyd, Jr., and Paul S. Larimer) witnessed the certification of the amendment by Robert Kunzig, Administration of General Services. President Nixon and the three young people also signed as witnesses.