White House Communications Agency Sound Recordings Collection


The White House Communications Agency (WHCA) Sound Recordings Collection contains public statements that took place between 1969 and 1974.

  • The 4,469 audio tapes total about 4,200 hours.
Scope and Content Note

The collection is comprised of the following series:

A - Pre-Presidential
B - Vice-Presidential (Agnew and Ford)
C - First Lady
D - First Family
E - Secretary of Defense Briefings
F - Secretary of State Briefings
G - Cabinet Officer Briefings
H - White House Staff Member Recordings
I  - Various Administration Events
J - Entertainment at the White House
K - Informal Presidential Remarks
L - White House Press Office Briefings
P - Formal Presidential Remarks
S - White House Press Office Briefings (continuation of the L-series)
T - China Advance Team
V - Senate Select Committee on Watergate Radio Broadcasts

These series are denoted in the finding aid in the alpha-numeric prefix for each File ID. For example: WHCA-SR-A


The Finding Aid Title Log lists:

  • date
  • event
  • running time for each recording


In addition to President Nixon, the recordings include selected speeches and remarks by:

  • Vice Presidents Spiro T. Agnew and Gerald R. Ford
  • members of the Nixon and Agnew families
  • Cabinet and Sub-cabinet officers
  • members of the White House Staff


  • Recordings include selected White House Press Briefings, speeches, entertainment at the White House, the 1971 China advance team telecommunications, and the broadcast of the Watergate hearings of the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Activities.

Restriction Status

  • Some of this material is withdrawn.

Copyright Information

The recordings in this collection are work products of the U.S. Federal Government.

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