Treasures From The Vault: Head of State Gifts from the Nixon Presidential Library Collection

September 4, 2010 to February 21, 2011

For over thirty years, the artifacts from the Nixon presidency resided largely out of public view in gift vaults in the Washington, D.C. area. Today, after a cross-country move, all 30,000 of these items are now permanently housed here in Yorba Linda. In celebration, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum has designed Treasures from the Vault, a special exhibit showcasing some of the most interesting, unusual, and breathtaking gifts given to President Richard Nixon, First Lady Pat Nixon, and the Nixon family by world leaders. 

Among the many highlights are:A stunning red silk ten-panel screen with embroidered cranes from the President of South Korea.A diamond watch from the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia.An official painting of St. Peter’s Basilica from Pope Paul VI.A first century BC Ghandara carved stone relief depicting Buddha from Taxila, Pakistan.

In a special learning center kids can explore gifts from African leaders to learn about the history, cultures, and geography of Africa.
Location: Special Exhibit Gallery.