Pat Nixon Centennial 1912 - 2012

March 16 to November 4, 2012

A retrospective on the life of First Lady Pat Nixon from her birth in Ely, Nevada, on March 16, 1912, to the small town she grew up in Artesia (now Cerritos), California, to her working days in Whittier, California, wedded to Richard Nixon and the remarkable life she led as campaign supporter, wife of a politician and First Lady of the United States to her death in June 1993.

First Lady Pat Nixon Activity Guide
Activity Guide Answers. (pdf)

Slect here for a slideshow of the Centennial exhibit.

First Lady Pat Nixon's Biography as written in June 1972. (pdf)

Mrs. Nixon's Activities as First Lady for the cause of Volunteerism. November 16, 1971 (pdf)

Mrs. Nixon's White House Restoration. May 15, 1972 (pdf)

Mrs. Nixon's Accomplishments as First Lady. (pdf)

Location: Special Exhibits Gallery