May 26, 2016 Materials Release


The Library has posted seven documents from the approximately 2,300 pages processed for the textual materials release on May 26, 2016. Among them are documents related to the Soviet space program and Vietnam..

The digitized documents are from file segments for the National Security Council Files and Henry A. Kissinger Telephone Conversation Transcripts.

  • A selection of these documents are available online below as PDF files.
  • Please visit the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California, to research all of the documents.

The following abbreviations are used below to identify original collections of the scanned documents:

  • HAK: Henry A. Kissinger
  • NSC:   National Security Council

Mandatory Review Documents

Soviet Space Program

  1. Report, National Intelligence Estimate, Subj: Soviet Space Programs, December 20, 1973; folder [2] National Intelligence Estimates - part 6; box 362; NSC Files, Subject Files
  2. Report, National Intelligence Estimate, Subj: Soviet Space Programs (Supporting Analysis), December 20, 1973; folder [2] National Intelligence Estimates - part 6; box 362; NSC Files, Subject Files

Kissinger Telephone Conversation Transcript

  1. Telcon, Joe Sisco and Henry Kissinger, September 22, 1970; folder [9] September 22-25, 1970; box 6; NSC Files, HAK Telephone Conversation Transcripts


  1. Memo with attachment, Smith and Sonnenfeldt to Kissinger, Subj: How to Proceed with a Unilateral Declaration, February 5, 1971; folder [1] SALT Talks (Helsinki), Vol. XIV, January 1 - April, 1971; box 880; NSC Files, SALT
  2. Memo with attachments, Odeen and Sonnenfeldt to Kissinger, Subj: SALT and New SLBM Intelligence, April 7, 1972; folder [2] SALT Talks (Helsinki), Vol 17, January - April, 1972; box 882; NSC Files, SALT

Vietnam Ceasefire

  1. Memo and attachments, Holdridge to Kissinger, Subj: GVN Ceasefire Planning, September 8, 1972; folder [1] Vietnam, September 1972 [1 of 2]; box 161; NSC Files, Vietnam Country Files

Vietnam Peace Negotiations

  1. Memo with attachments, Richard T. Kennedy to Richard Campbell for Kissinger, December 21, 1972; folder [4] Vietnam, December 1972; box 162; NSC Files, Vietnam Country Files

Biafra Release

  1. Memo with attachments, Kissinger to the President, Subj: U.S. Options in Biafra Relief, January 28, 1969; folder [3] Nigeria, Vol. I, January - May 1969; box 741; NSC Files, Country Files - Africa