Guthrie, John S., Jr.

Conversation 117-007

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On March 9, 1973, President Richard M. Nixon, Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, and Cabinet officers and staffers, including William P. Rogers, William E. Simon, Elliot L. Richardson, Richard G. Kleindienst, John C. Whitaker, Earl L. Butz, Frederick B. Dent, Caspar W. ("Cap") Weinberger, James T. Lynn, Claude S. Brinegar, Roy L. Ash, Anne L. Armstrong, John A. Scali, George H. W. Bush, Donald E. Johnson, William D. Ruckelshaus, Herbert Stein, Russell E. Train, H. R. ("Bob") Haldeman, John D. Ehrlichman, Peter M. Flanigan, William E. Timmons, Kenneth R. Cole, Jr., Herbert G.

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