White House Gift Unit (White House Central Files: Staff Member and Office Files)

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The Presidential historical materials of the White House Gift Unit are in the custody of the National Archives and Records Administration under the provisions of Title I of the Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act of 1974 (44 U.S.C. 2111 note) and implementing regulations. In accordance with the act and regulations, archivists reviewed the file group to identify personal and private materials (including materials outside the date span covered by the act) as well as nonhistorical items. These materials have been returned to former President Nixon.

Materials covered by the Act have been archivally processed and are described in this register. Items which are security classified or otherwise restricted under the act and regulations have been removed and placed in a closed file. A Document Withdrawal Record (GSA Form 7279 or NA Form 14021) with a description of each restricted document has been inserted at the beginning of each folder from which materials have been removed. A Document Control Record marks the original position of the withdrawn item. Employees of the National Archives will review periodically the unclassified portions of closed materials for the purpose of opening those which no longer require restriction. Certain classified documents may be declassified under authority of Executive Order 13526 in response to a Mandatory Review Request (NA Form 14020) submitted by the researcher.

  • Linear feet of materials:   30
  • Approximate number of pages:   60,000
Organizational Note

The White House Gift Unit (WHGU) was established during the Eisenhower administration to deal with the increasing number of items presented to the Chief Executive and his family by foreign officials and U.S. citizens. Under the direction of Lucy Ferguson (1969-1972) and Marge Wicklein (1973-1974), the White House Gift Unit during the Nixon years grew in size and responsibility.

The unit's primary task continued to be the documenting of gifts or gift-like items presented to the First Family. These items were received by the WHGU in one of several ways: directly from the White House Mail Room as they arrived and were unpacked; from the Congressional Liaison Office and members of the White House staff who accepted them on behalf of the President; from the Office of Protocol in the Department of State; and from the First Family.

When the items were in the unit's physical custody, its first job was to fill out a special printed 3" x 5" card that was designed to give the WHGU some measure of control over the gift collection. During the Nixon administration, the WHGU used four color-coded cards to indicate either the type of gift or the recipient. Four basic colors signified the following: white (the President), yellow (First Lady and daughters), pink (foreign gifts, including head of state and individuals), and green (WHGU office copy of all domestic gifts). After a gift was properly logged in, WHGU personnel drafted a suitable but routine acknowledgment letter. Once it was typed, the letter was sent to the appropriate official or family member for signature. If a particular item required a special reply, Rose Mary Woods, Roland L. Elliott, or Michael B. Smith drafted the letter for the President and Lucy A. Winchester, Social Secretary, did likewise for Mrs. Nixon

Additional responsibilities were assigned to the expanded White House Gift Unit of the Nixon administration. They included packing and inventorying incoming gifts and then making the necessary arrangements to transport them to the National Archives for courtesy storage; photographing most of the head of state gifts received; and, at the direction of the First Family, ordering items for presentation to foreign dignitaries and other select visitors.

Scope and Content Note

The White House Gift Unit materials are a part of the White House Central Files, Staff Member and Office Files. They are divided into five series: Correspondence, Alpha Subject Files, Gift Lists and Cards, Drafts and form letters and Duplicate Gift Lists.

The Correspondence series reflects the unit's role in drafting letters of acknowledgment for all gifts sent to the First Family. The President, his personal secretary Rose Mary Woods, and Special Assistant to the President Roland L. Elliott are the principal correspondents of these responses to both domestic and foreign gift donors. The file also contains correspondence by or on behalf of Mrs. Nixon, Tricia Nixon Cox, and Julie Nixon Eisenhower. Much of Mrs. Nixon's correspondence is signed by her social secretary Lucy A. Winchester. In addition to this general correspondence file, there are several folders containing memoranda from the WHGU to the Protocol Office of the State Department concerning the disposition of foreign gifts. There are folders for every year of the Nixon administration, except for 1972.

The Alpha Subject Files document the unit's responsibility for purchasing some of the gifts presented to certain White House visitors by members of the First Family. For this obvious reason, therefore, much of the material in the series consists of manufacturers' brochures, invoices, and other correspondence with specific companies. This series also includes some interesting correspondence. There is, for example, correspondence relating to the 6-month, 12-city American tour of gifts from the Government of the People's Republic of China as well as Chinese artifacts purchased by the Nixons during their 1972 China trip. This traveling exhibit was entitled "Journey for Peace." Also present in this series are lists of countries to which Secretary of State William P. Rogers, the Vice President, or the astronauts presented samples of moon rocks. In addition, the file contains activity schedules and calendars for Mrs. Nixon, Tricia Cox, and Julie Eisenhower for the period 1970-1973.

The Gift Lists and Cards is composed of three subseries: gifts received, gifts sent, and gift cards. The first subseries includes lists and records of all gifts presented to or received on behalf of the President and his family. The WHGU arranged these lists according to archives box number and type of gift. According to policy and practice of the WHGU, all gifts and gift-like items belonged to one of four general types: domestic, head of state, archives special, or Pre-Presidential. Only a small portion of the material, however, was classified as "archives special." The following criteria was used by the WHGU in determining whether or not a particular gift or item was of this type. If an item had been personally used by the President or a member of his family, or was so closely associated with the First Family, it was designated as "archives special." Some examples of items designated as "archives special" are the Nixon family Bibles, the naval uniform worn by the President, Julie and Tricia Nixon's wedding dresses, and a black leather chair used by the President in the Oval Office. Such items seemed suitable for purposes of exhibition.

The archivists determined that all items designated as "archives special" were the personal and private property of former President Nixon and his family. These items were shipped in February 1978 to California and placed in courtesy storage at the Federal Archives and Records Center, Laguna Niguel. On December 28, 1979, former President Nixon signed a deed of gift presenting these items to the U.S. Government to be administered by the National Archives. These items remain in the records center in Laguna Niguel, California.

The WHGU staff further arranged the same lists by category of gift and by recipient. This arrangement of the various gifts under a fixed category scheme became a useful tool in the staff's processing, especially since it provided further intellectual control. According to the scheme, which had been developed during the Eisenhower administration, there are 33 major categories of gifts with numerous subdivisions. A list of the various category headings and subheadings used by the Nixon WHGU is included in the appendix.

The second subseries of gift binders, inventories, and registers were created by the WHGU to aid the staff in maintaining proper documentation of all gifts and gift-like items purchased on behalf of the President or members of his family, and sent to various individuals. The gift binders present a master list of all gifts and gift-like items, with a brief description, that were presented to official representatives of foreign governments as well as other individuals during selected foreign travels of the President and Mrs. Nixon.

The third subseries are separate sets of 3" x 5" cards arranged according to either gift category or donor. The cards are the result of a cataloguing system developed by the WHGU and the White House Mail Room. These gift cards contain such information as: name and address of the donor, description of the item, category, recipient, date and manner received, date acknowledged, and disposition. Not all of the cards, however, including all of the above information.

The Drafts and Form Letters series and Duplicate Gift Lists series contain material similar to those found in the Correspondence series and the Gifts Received subseries respectively. Both of the former series, however, are incomplete.

The Subject Files of the White House Central Files, under the subject category "GI", includes approximately 40 cubic feet of material which should be used in conjunction with the WHGU working files. There is an additional 15 cubic feet of material in the White House Social Office Files relating to gifts received by Mrs. Nixon, Tricia and Edward Cox, and Julie and David Eisenhower. Several commercial photographs, provided by certain manufacturers to illustrate some of their products for consideration by the White House, have been removed from the files and transferred to the audiovisual collection (PA 79-6-290). Electrostatic copies have been substituted for these photographs in the files. In addition to these commercial photographs, there is an incomplete set of photographs, taken by the WHGU staff, of individual head of state gifts. This set is located in head of state gift box numbered 118-C. Although the photographs are either in color or in black and white, a majority of them are in color. The WHGU staff did not, however, photograph every head of state gift item. All paintings, rugs, and books were not routinely photographed unless the item was considered by the staff as unusual.

Series Description

Boxes:   1-15
Series:   Correspondence
Spans:   1969-1974
Description:   Carbon and electrostatic copies of letters, memoranda, and routing slips sent and received. Folders arranged chronologically by recipient, and material within folders arranged in reverse chronological order.

Boxes:   16-20
Series:   Alpha Subject File
Spans:   1969-1974
Description:   Originals, carbon, and electrostatic copies of letters, memoranda, invoices, receipts, calendars, photographs, routing slips, magazines, and chits received. Arranged alphabetically by subject or firm name, and material therein arranged in reverse chronological order.

Boxes:   21-31
Series:   Gift Lists and Cards
Spans:   1969-1974
Description:   Originals and electrostatic copies of lists, records, memoranda, and 3" x 5" cards. Arranged in three subseries as follows:

GIFTS RECEIVED. Boxes 21-31. Lists arranged by gift category and recipient. Material within folders arranged numerically by archives box number.

GIFTS SENT. Box 31. Arranged alphabetically by type, material within folders arranged chronologically.

GIFT CARDS. Drawers 1-11. Cards arranged by gift category, donor, and recipient.

Boxes:   32-46
Series:   Drafts and Form Letters
Spans:   1969-1974
Description:   Originals, carbon, and electrostatic copies of letters, drafts, memoranda, schedules, proclamations, press releases, gift cards, routing slips, and chits. There are 62 folders of these drafts and form letters. Also included are guidelines used by the White House Gift Unit in writing acknowledgment letters on behalf of the First Family. There are an additional 14 folders of draft thank you letters for the President, Mrs. Nixon, Tricia and Edward Cox, and Julie and David Eisenhower. Unarranged.

Boxes:   47-51
Series:   Duplicate Gift Lists
Description:   Carbon and electrostatic copies of lists found in the Gift Lists and Cards series. Incomplete. Arranged by gift category, and material within folders arranged numerically by archives box number.

Folder Title List

Series I: Correspondence, 1969-1974

Box 1

Memos to State Department, 1969
[President Nixon,] January, 1969
[President Nixon,] February, 1969
[President Nixon,] March, 1969
[President Nixon,] April, 1969
[President Nixon,] May, 1969

Box 2

[President Nixon,] June, 1969
[President Nixon,] July, 1969
[President Nixon,] August, 1969
[President Nixon,] September, 1969
[President Nixon,] October, 1969
[President Nixon,] November, 1969
[President Nixon,] December, 1969

Box 3

Memos to State Department, 1970
[President Nixon,] January, 1970
[President Nixon,] February, 1970
[President Nixon,] March, 1970
[President Nixon,] April, 1970
[President Nixon,] May, 1970
[President Nixon,] June, 1970

Box 4

[President Nixon,] July, 1970
[President Nixon,] August, 1970
[President Nixon,] September, 1970
[President Nixon,] October, 1970
[President Nixon,] November, 1970
[President Nixon,] December, 1970

Box 5

Memos to State Department, 1971
[President Nixon,] January, 1971
[President Nixon,] February, 1971
[President Nixon,] March, 1971
[President Nixon,] April, 1971
[President Nixon,] May, 1971

Box 6

[President Nixon,] June, 1971
[President Nixon,] July, 1971
[President Nixon,] August, 1971
[President Nixon,] September, 1971
[President Nixon,] October, 1971
[President Nixon,] November, 1971
[President Nixon,] December, 1971

Box 7

[President Nixon,] January, 1972
[President Nixon,] February, 1972
[President Nixon,] March, 1972
[President Nixon,] April, 1972
[President Nixon,] May, 1972
[President Nixon,] June, 1972

Box 8

[President Nixon,] July, 1972
[President Nixon,] August, 1972
[President Nixon,] September, 1972
[President Nixon,] October, 1972
[President Nixon,] November, 1972
[President Nixon,] December, 1972

Box 9

Memos to State Department, 1973
[President Nixon,] January, 1973
[President Nixon,] February, 1973
[President Nixon,] March, 1973
[President Nixon,] April, 1973

Box 10

[President Nixon,] May, 1973
[President Nixon,] June, 1973
[President Nixon,] July, 1973
[President Nixon,] August, 1973

Box 11

[President Nixon,] September, 1973
[President Nixon,] October, 1973
[President Nixon,] November, 1973
[President Nixon,] December, 1973
Memos to State Department, 1974
[President Nixon,] January, 1974
[President Nixon,] February, 1974

Box 12

[President Nixon,] March, 1974
[President Nixon,] April, 1974
[President Nixon,] May, 1974
[President Nixon,] June, 1974
[President Nixon,] July, 1974
[President Nixon,] August, 1974

Box 13

[Mrs. Nixon, Jan.-Mar., 1969]
[Mrs. Nixon, Apr.-Jun., 1969]
[Mrs. Nixon, Jul.-Sept., 1969]
[Mrs. Nixon, Oct.-Dec., 1969]
[Mrs. Nixon, Jan.-Mar., 1970]
[Mrs. Nixon, Apr.-Jun., 1970]
[Mrs. Nixon, Jul.-Sept., 1970]
[Mrs. Nixon, Oct.-Dec., 1970]

Box 14

[Mrs. Nixon, Jan. -Mar., 1971]
[Mrs. Nixon, Apr.-Jun., 1971]
[Mrs. Nixon, Jul.-Sept., 1971]
[Mrs. Nixon, Oct.-Dec., 1971]
[Mrs. Nixon, Jan.-Mar., 1972]
[Mrs. Nixon, Apr.-Jun., 1972]
[Mrs. Nixon, Jul.-Sept., 1972]
[Mrs. Nixon, Oct.-Dec., 1972]

Box 15

[Mrs. Nixon, Jan.-Mar., 1973]
[Mrs. Nixon, Apr.-Jun., 1973]
[Mrs. Nixon, Jul.-Sept., 1973]
[Mrs. Nixon, Oct.-Dec., 1973]
[Mrs. Nixon, Jan.-Feb., 1974]
[Mrs. Nixon, Mar.-Apr., 1974]
[Mrs. Nixon, May-Aug., 1974]
[Tricia Cox, 1973]
[Tricia Cox, 1974]
[Julie Eisenhower, 1973]
[Julie Eisenhower, 1974]

Series II: Alpha Subject File, 1969-1974

Box 16

[Activities Calendars, First Family, 1970-71]
[Activities Calendars, First Family, 1972] [1 of 2]
[Activities Calendars, First Family, 1972] [2 of 2]
[Activities Calendars, First Family, 1973]
Balfour --- Better Jewelry

Box 17

Boehm Birds
Bulova Watches
Cards --- Used in Correspondence
Cartier, Inc.
[China, People's Republic of] People's Republic of China Travelling Gift Exhibit
Christmas Lists [First Family]
Correspondence Notes
Couroc of Monterey
Dion Mfg. Co.
Ford, Inc. [Rita] [Music Boxes]
Foreign Drafts
Foreign Gift Query [-] Mr. Buzhardt [,] Mr. Clawson [,] Mr. Kehrli
Foreign Gifts - "working" file

Box 18

Form Letters
Fostoria Glass Co.
Froelich Leather Co. -- Calendar [,] Books
Garrick Co. [Parker Pen Co.]
Gift Items - Authorized to Receive
Gifts and Gift Ideas
Gifts on Loan
Golf Balls
Gray, Mr. Robert K.
Hitt Sales Co. [Coasters] Mr. Lederer
Holes-Webway Company
Houze Glass Co. [L.M. Collins]
Imperial Jade [Russell Underdahl]
[Inventory for White House Gift Unit Working Files]
Library - Presidential Memorabilia
H. John Lobe Co.
Lordship Simco, Inc. [1 of 2]
Lordship Simco, Inc. [2 of 2]
Medallic Art Co. [Inaugural Medallions]
Medallic Art Company

Box 19

[Memoranda and Releases]
Moon Rocks
Nixon, Pat
Paperweights, Inc. [Mr. Kend]
Parker Pen Co. (signing pens) (John Gibb)
[Procedures] Office Function -- Gift Unit

Box 20

[Releases and Quotations on Subjects, A-L: President Nixon]
[Releases and Quotations on Subjects, M-Z: President Nixon]
Robbins Co. [Dick Dyer]
Scripto, Inc.
Silver --- Irish
[State Dept. - Pending]
Steckler Sales Company
J.K. Taylor & Courac
Winslow Homer Plates - U.S. Bicentennial

Series III: Gift Lifts and Cards, 1969-1974
Sub-Series A: Gifts Received

Box 21

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 1-15)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 16-30)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 31-60)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 61-90)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 91-120)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 121-150)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 151-180)]

Box 22

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 181-210)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 211-240)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 241-270)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 271-330)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 331-360)]

Box 23

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 361-390)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 391-420)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 421-450)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 451-480)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 481-496)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 497-510)]

Box 24

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 511-540)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 541-570)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 571-600)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 601-650)]

Box 25

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 651-700)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 701-750)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 751-765)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 766-800)]

Box 26

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 801-825)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 826-850)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 851-874)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 875-900)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Boxes 901-943)]

Box 27

[List for Photographs and Box Numbers Used for Packing Head of State Gifts]
[Archives Gift Lists, Head of State (Boxes 1A-50)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Head of State (Boxes 51-96]]
[Archives Gift Lists, Head of State (Boxes 97-124]]
[Archives Gift Lists, Pre-Presidential (Boxes 1-53)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Mrs. Nixon]
[Archives Gift Lists, Tricia Cox]
[Archives Gift Lists, Julie Eisenhower]
[Archives Gift Lists, David Eisenhower]
[Archives Gift Lists, Julie and David Eisenhower]
[Archives Gift Lists, Tricia, Julie, And David]

Box 28

[Archives Gift Lists, Archives Specials]
[Archives Gift Lists, More Important Artwork General]
[Archives Gift Lists, Sundry Lists] [1 of 3]
[Archives Gift Lists, Sundry Lists] [2 of 3]
[Archives Gift Lists, Sundry Lists] [3 of 3]
[Lists, Books, 1969]
[Lists, Books, 1970]
[Lists, Books, 1971]
[Lists, Books, 1972]
[Lists, Books, 1973]
[Lists, Books, 1974]

Box 29

[Lists, Gifts and Books, Apr.-Aug., 1974]
[Lists, Films, 1969-74]
[Lists, President's Dated, 1969]
[Lists, President's Dated, 1970]
[Lists, President's Dated, 1971]
[Lists, President's Dated, 1972]
[Lists, President's Dated, 1973]
[Lists, President's Dated, 1974]

Box 30

[Record of Gifts Received, 1972]
[Record of Gifts Received, Mrs. Nixon, 1969]
[Record bf Gifts Received, Mrs. Nixon, 1970]
[Record of Gifts Received, Mrs. Nixon, 1971]
[Record of Gifts Received, Tricia and Julie, 1970-72] Gifts--Julie & Tricia

Sub-Series B: Gifts Sent

Box 31

[Gift Book - The President's and Mrs. Nixon's Gifts to Foreign Officials - European Trip, Sept.-Oct., 1970]
[Gift Book - The President's and Mrs. Nixon's Gifts to Foreign Officials - Mrs. Nixon's African Trip, Jan., 1972]
[Gift Book - The President's and Mrs. Nixon's Gifts to Foreign Officials - Trip to the People's Republic of China, Feb. 17-28, 1972]
[Detailed Schedule - Visit to the People's Republic of China, Feb. 17-28, 1972]
[Gift Book - The President's and Mrs. Nixon's Gifts to Foreign Officials - Trip to Canada, Apr., 1972]
Inventory of Gift Items [1 of 3]
Inventory of Gift Items [2 of 3]
Inventory of Gift Items [3 of 3]
Inventory of Purchased Items
[Presidential Gift Issue Register]

Sub-Series C: Gift Cards

Drawer 1

[White House Gift Unit, Category Cards]

Drawer 2

[White House Gift Unit, Alpha Cards A-Re]

Drawer 3

[White House Gift Unit, Alpha cards Ro-Z]
Head of State Alpha Cards
Tricia & Edward Cox - wedding gifts - alpha
Tricia & Edward Cox - wedding gifts - category
Tricia [with some Julie] Gifts
Julie & David Eisenhower

Drawer 4

Archives Specials
Donor Unknown
[White House Gift Unit] "Permanent" Alpha Cards A-WBAI

Drawer 5

[White House Gift Unit] "Permanent" Alpha Cards We-Z

Drawer 6

[White House Gift Unit] Destroyed by Secret Service
[White House Mail Room] "Look Outs"
[White House Mail Room] Internal Gift Control Cards

Drawer 7

[White House Gift Unit] Rose Mary Woods
[White House Gift Unit] White House Staff Members

Drawer 8

[White House Mail Room] Gift Category Cards

Drawer 9

[White House Mail Room] Alpha Cards

Drawer 10

[White House Mail Room] Alpha Cards Na-Z

Drawer 11

[Recipients of White House Gifts]
Cross Reference [Category Cards]
Calandar books brown
Calendar books blue
"Four Great Americans"
Mil. Aides
"Turning Point"
[Address File]

Series IV: Drafts and Form Letters, 1969-1974

Box 32

[Drafts, Guidelines, A - L]
[Drafts, Guidelines, M - Z]

Boxes 32 – 44

Sixty-two folders titled [Drafts and Form Letters] [1 of 62 - 62 of 62]

Box 44

[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, RMN] [1 of 3]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, RMN] [2 of 3]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, RMN] [3 of 3]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Pat Nixon] [1 of 7]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Pat Nixon] [2 of 7]

Box 45

[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Pat Nixon] [3 of 7]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Pat Nixon] [4 of 7]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Pat Nixon] [5 of 7]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Pat Nixon] [6 of 7]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Pat Nixon] [7 of 7]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Tricia and Edward Cox]

Box 46

[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Julie and David Eisenhower] [1 of 3]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Julie and David Eisenhower] [2 of 3]
[Drafts and Form Thank You Letters, Julie and David Eisenhower] [3 of 3]
[Drafts, Unused State Department Thank You Letters, Middle East Trip]

Series V: Duplicate Gift Lists

Box 47

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 1-80)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 81-177)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 178-250)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 251-300)]

Box 48

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 301-379)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 380-440)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 441-506)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 751-773)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 774-800)]

Box 49

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 801-835)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 836-874)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 921-926, 930-943)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 1-50)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 51-130)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 131-240)]

Box 50

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 241-300)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 301-400)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 401-450)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 451-497)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 507-570)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 571-650)]

Box 51

[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 651-700)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Domestic (Copies) (Boxes 701-750)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Head of State (Copies) (Boxes 1A-124)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Head of State (Copies) (Boxes 1A-50)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Head of State (Copies) (Incomplete)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Pre-Presidential (Copies)]
[Archives Gift Lists, Tricia (Copies)]