FG 6 (Executive Office of the President) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

Scope and Content Note

Under the subject category for the Executive Office for the President (FG 6) are various agencies which were transferred and organized under the authority of the Reorganization Act of 1939 (53 Stat. 561; 5 U.S.C. 133-133r, 133t note) by the President's Reorganization Plans I and II of 1939, and Executive Order 8248 of September 8, 1939. Included in this file are discussions of potential policies, Executive orders, reorganization, and legislative initiatives. Domestic and foreign issues covered in these files include: consumer and minority affairs, inflation, oil imports, energy, telecommunications, drugs and agricultural trade. Frequent correspondents include: Roy Ash, Kenneth Cole, John Ehrlichman, Richard Fairbanks, Peter Flanigan, Bryce Harlow, Henry Kissinger, Frederick Malek and George Shultz.

The Executive file category within this subject category includes the correspondence of the President, White House Staff and Administration officials with heads of state, members of Congress, political party members, personal acquaintances and business, patriotic and special interest organizations. The General file category mainly contains correspondence of the President and White House Staff with members of Congress, business, patriotic and special interest organizations and the general public. Many of the same subjects and correspondents, however, may be found in both files.

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This subject category relates to potential and existing agencies and legislation under the authority of the Executive Office of the President. Among the topics in this file are: Executive Reorganization, Government Reorganization Plan No. 1, the Consumer Protection Act of 1969, the cost of Presidential travel, oil imports, energy, youth, minority and Spanish-speaking programs, and agricultural trade policy coordination. Agencies mentioned in this file include: the Office of Emergency Preparedness, the Office of Science and Technology, the Cost of Living Council and the Domestic Policy Council.

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