FG 333 (President's Committee on Health Education) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

Scope and Content Note

The President's Committee on Health Education was commissioned in 1971 to undertake a study on health education after the President proposed it in his 1971 Health Message. Committee members were selected on the basis of their work in health care from the private sector. The committee, which was composed of businessmen, doctors, and professors, produced a comprehensive report before it was dissolved in 1973.

This collection consists of letters, memoranda, press releases, reports, and schedules. Principal correspondents include the President, various commission members, James Cavanaugh, Ken Cole, Jr., Bill Timmons, and Caspar Weinberger.

The terms executive and general precede each file designation. The executive file category contains correspondence from the White House, committee members, and members of Congress. The general file categories consists mostly of correspondence with the general public. Files which are subdivided by (/A) indicate materials related to career appointments.

The FG 333 category contains information on President Nixon's concerns about involving the private sector in health education and preventive medicine. The committee's findings and recommendations on a variety of health issues are culminated in the Report of the President's Committee on Health Education. Letters of appreciation to committee members, schedules of meetings, and reports make up the rest of this category.

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