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Material pertaining to the general subject of public relations, human interest, including requests of various kinds.

The principal correspondents in this file include the President and American citizens.

The terms Executive and General which are used before the subject file codes indicate the source of the materials. Items designated as Executive are communications between the leaders and agencies of foreign, national, state and local governments, and prominent persons. Items designated as General are communications between Government officials and private citizens and organizations. The topics filed under each heading are generally similar.

The types of records found in the subject files include original incoming letters; carbons and electrostatic copies of outgoing letters; memorandums; and withdrawal sheets for materials either transferred as audiovisual items or withdrawn for national security or privacy considerations.

Corresponding Oversized Attachment 4942 and 4488 have been processed and are available in White House Central Files: Processed Oversized Attachments. Corresponding Oversized Attachments 3770, 4079, 4184, 5383, 6021 and Confidential File Oversized Attachment 148 have not been processed.


PR 1 Administration Appreciation Letters

Presidential and Staff Letters sent in appreciation of services.

PR 2 Administration Complaints – Criticisms

PR 3 Administration Support

PR 4 Anonymous – Illegible Communication

PR 5 Autographs – Photographs – Holographs

PR 5-1 Granted

PR 5-2 Holographs – Presidential Handwriting

PR 6 Contests – Essays

PR 7 Engagements – Appointments

Filed by subject when possible and cross referenced here.

PR 7-1 Granted

PR 7-2 Presidential Telephone Calls

PR 8 Exhibits – Fairs – Expositions

Subdivided by ST or CO where to be held. For Trade Fairs – SEE: TA.

PR 8-1 American Bicentennial Celebration

Includes Sites – Plans, etc.

PR 9 Graphics

Includes charts, maps, and posters. For Nautical charts SEE: SC.

PR 10 List of Names – Mailing Lists

PR 11 Motion Pictures – Film Strips – Recordings

Includes Transcriptions.

PR 12 Pens

PR 12-1 Furnished

PR 13 Petitions – Resolutions – Multiple Signatures

Filed here subdivided by ST # from General public. Cross important petitions. Includes “Open and Chain” letters (not subdivided).

PR 13-1 From State Officials

Subdivided by number assigned to State (only Executive material filed here); cross referenced by subject.

PR 13-2 From Local Government Officials

Subdivided by name of city or county (only Executive material filed here); cross referenced by subject.

PR 14 Presidential Favors

Includes correspondence from the public containing requests and replies which comply with or reject them.

PR 14-1 Children

Requests of general nature.

PR 14-2 Contributions – Donations – Personal loans

Includes donations for hobby collections or fund-raising functions.

PR 14-3 Dedications to the President

Books – musical compositions.

PR 14-4 Entertainments

At the White House or elsewhere for the President and First Lady.

PR 14-5 Excerpts

Includes quoting or misquoting the President.

PR 14-6 Forewords

PR 14-7 Impersonations

PR 14-8 Opinions – Statements – Questionnaires – Articles

General subject.

PR 14-9 President’s Name – Likeness

Includes use of name in Advertising.

PR 14-10 Sell to the President

PR 14-11 Sit for Portrait Painters – Sculptors

Includes photographing the President.

PR 14-12 Sponsorship

Patron – Patroness – honorary chairman

PR 14-12-1 Godfather

PR 14-13 Publishing or Pressing Button – Ringing Bell

PR 14-14 Flags flown over the White House

PR 14-15 Flags flown over the Capitol

PR 14-16 Requests for items that President has given as gifts to others

Includes Christmas gifts given to the staff.

PR 15 Public Opinion Polls

Includes Gallup Poll, political polls and surveys. Polls filed here and cross referenced by subject.

PR 16 Publicity – Newsleaks

Includes news media, White House Press Corps and photographers.

PR 16-1 Broadcasts – Telecasts

Includes subject of broadcasts by the President.

PR 16-2 Press Conferences

Includes Press Briefings.

PR 16-2-1 Press Accreditation and Passes

PR 16-3 Presidential News Analysis

PR 16-4 White House Clearances

PR 17 Seminars – Lectures – Forums – Debates – Symposiums

PR 18 White House Tours - Visitors

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Box 15

EX PR 3 Administration Support 9/15/1970-9/30/1970 [9/16/1970-9/25/1970]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 10/1/1970-10/15/1970 [10/2/1970-10/15/1970]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 10/16/1970-10/31/1970 [10/21/1970-10/27/1970]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 11/1/1970-11/14/1970 [11/5/1970-11/13/1970]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 11/15/1970-11/30/1970 [11/16/1970-11/30/1970]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 12/1/1970-12/15/1970 [12/1/1970-12/15/1970]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 12/16/1970-12/31/1970
EX PR 3 Administration Support 1/1/1971-1/31/1971 [1/12/1971-1/25/1971]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 2/1/1971-2/28/1971 [2/2/1971-2/26/1971]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 3/1/1971-3/31/1971
EX PR 3 Administration Support 4/1/1971-4/30/1971 [4/1/1971-4/28/1971]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 5/1/1971-5/31/1971 [5/4/1971-5/28/1971]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 6/1/1971-6/30/1971 [5/2/1971-6/30/1971]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 7/1/1971-7/31/1971 [7/1/1971-7/29/1971]
EX PR 3 Administration Support 8/1/1971-9/30/1971 [8/2/1971-9/29/1971]

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