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Material to or from the President pertaining to personal gifts from persons both known and unknown to him. This also includes gifts to or from the United States government, whether presented or received by the President as the Chief Executive or by others acting on behalf of the American people.

EXCEPT material pertaining to:

Awards to the President SEE: PP

Flowers sent on illness or death SEE: ME

Memberships SEE: PP

Requests for gifts of type given to the White House Staff SEE: PR

Routine requests for photographs of the President SEE: PR

Trees planted in honor of the President SEE: PP

The principal correspondents in this file include the President, Henry Kissinger, William E. Timmons, Michael Farrell, Roland Elliott, Lucy Ferguson, Rose Mary Woods, the NSC Secretariat, and private citizens.

The terms Executive and General which are used before the subject file codes indicate the source of the materials. Items designated as Executive are communications between the leaders and agencies of foreign, national, state and local governments, and prominent persons. Items designated as General are communications between Government officials and private citizens and organizations. The topics filed under each heading are generally similar.

The types of records found in the subject files include original incoming letters and staff memoranda; carbons and electrostatic copies of outgoing letters and staff memoranda; transmittal letters and memoranda for correspondence, reports and other items; telegrams, cables and teletype communications; preservation copies of newspaper and magazine clippings; cross reference sheets to other file materials; and withdrawal sheets for materials either transferred as audiovisual items or withdrawn for national security or privacy considerations.

Corresponding Oversized Attachments 8974, 9194, and 10589 have been processed and are available in White House Central Files: Processed Oversized Attachments. Corresponding Oversized Attachments 5467, 5881, 5963, 6001, 8327, 9040, 9079, 9114, and 9180 have not been processed.


GI 1 From the President

Personal gifts, subdivided by initial of recipient.

GI 2 To the President or his immediate family

Gifts to the President whether retained, returned or given to persons or institutions. For gifts for individual members of the family – SEE: PP.

GI 2-1 Clothing – Wearing Apparel

Includes sports apparel, umbrellas, handkerchiefs and eye glasses.

GI 2-2 Flowers - Shrubs

Includes plants and trees.

GI 2-3 Food - Drinks

Includes beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic; fruits and nuts.

GI 2-4 Historical Documents

Includes historical maps and nautical items.

GI 2-5 Hobbies - Sports

Includes coins, stamps, first day covers, sporting equipment, walking sticks and canes. SEE: PO for commemorative stamp album from PMG.

GI 2-6 Household

Includes furniture and furnishings; china, rugs, curtains, needlework.

GI 2-7 Jewelry - Cosmetics

Includes perfumes, combs, notions, wallets, cuff links, key chains, eye glass cleaners and holders.

GI 2-8 Literature-Books-Poetry

Includes publications, periodicals, subscriptions, charts, maps, scrapbooks, yearbooks, bibles, clippings and bookmarks.

GI 2-9 Music-Recordings

Includes musical instruments, tape recordings and films.

GI 2-10 Office

Includes furniture and office equipment; calendars, pens, bookends, appointment books and diaries.

GI 2-11 Pets – Livestock

Includes branding irons, saddles.

GI 2-12 Pictures – Photographs – Portraits – Art Works

Includes plaques, scrolls, mottoes, frames, paintings, drawings, cartoons, snapshots, busts and figurines.

GI 2-13 Religious Articles

Includes spiritual articles, bouquets and prayers.

GI 2-14 Smoking

Includes tobacco, matches, cigars, cigarettes, lighters, pipes and ash trays.

GI 2-15 Souvenirs

Includes novelties, replicas, gavels, miniatures (not pictures), keys to city, medallions, commemorative medals (not included in GI 2-5), pennants, etc.

GI 2-16 Toys – Children’s Gifts

GI 2-17 Money

GI 3 From or to the United States

Gifts from or to the President as Chief Executive of the United States Government. Includes exchange of gifts on State visits. Subdivided and cross-referenced by CO #.

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Folder Title List

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Box 81

EX GI 2 5/26/1971 – 5/31/1971
EX GI 2 6/1/1971 – 6/7/1971
EX GI 2 6/8/1971 – 6/10/1971
EX GI 2 6/11/1971 – 6/15/1971
EX GI 2 6/16/1971
EX GI 2 6/17/1971
EX GI 2 6/18/1971 – 6/23/1971
EX GI 2 6/24/1971 – 6/28/1971

Box 97

EX GI 2 6/27/1972
EX GI 2 6/28/1972
EX GI 2 6/29/1972
EX GI 2 6/30/1972
EX GI 2 7/1/1972 – 7/11/1972
EXGI 2 7/12/1972 – 7/13/1972
EX GI 2 7/14/1972 – 7/17/1972

Box 141

EX GI 3 From or to the United States 1/1/1973-4/30/1973
EX GI 3 From or to the United States 5/1/1973-5/30/1973
EX GI 3 From or to the United States 6/1/1973-7/31/1973
EX GI 3 From or to the United States 8/1/1973-[7/1/1974] [1 of 2]
EX GI 3 From or to the United States 8/1/1973-[7/1/1974] [2 of 2]
GEN GI 3 From or to the United States 1/1/1973-[7/16/1974]

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