FG 90 (Commission on Civil Rights) (White House Central Files: Subject Files)

Organizational Note

The Commission on Civil Rights, also known as the Civil Rights Commission, was created by the Civil Rights Act of 1957, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1975 et seq.). The Commission's responsibilities include the evaluation of Federal laws and the effectiveness of government equal employment opportunity programs. The Commission also serves as a national clearinghouse for civil rights information. The Commission submits reports, findings of fact and recommendations to the President and Congress.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondents in the files include: President Richard Nixon, Robert Brown, Arthur Burns, Frank Carlucci, Kenneth Cole, John Ehrlichman, Robert Finch, Peter Flanigan, Leonard Garment, Daniel Moynihan, Bradley Patterson, Jr., George Shultz and William Timmons. Among the Civil Rights Commission members found in these files are: Chairmen John Hannah and Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, Vice Chairman Stephen Horn, Commissioner Martin Castillo, Acting Staff Director Howard Glickstein and Staff Director John Buggs.

The terms Executive and General precede each FG 90 file designation. The Executive file category contains correspondence of the President, White House Staff, Administration and Civil Rights Commission officials concerning the Civil Rights Commission authorization bill (H.R. 12652), Commission reports, recommendations, budgets and job appointments as well as federal programs and policies related to civil rights. The General file category includes correspondence of the President, White House Staff, Administration and Commission officials concerning Commission job appointments in both Washington, D.C. and field offices, Commission reports and the coordination of federal programs. The files subdivided (/A) indicate job appointments. Related materials may be found in the White House Central Files, Staff Member and Office Files of Bradley Patterson, Jr. and in the following subject categories:

FG 6-15 Domestic Council

FG 6-24 Federal Property Council (Abolished 6/24/1973)

FG 109 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

FG 217 Small Business Administration

FG 229 Civil Service Commission

FI 4/FG 90 Budget - Appropriations for the Commission on Civil Rights

HU 2 Human Rights - Equality

HU 2-2 Employment

HU 2-3 Housing

HU 2-4 Voting

HU 2-5 Women

IN Indian Affairs

JL 3 Criminal Matters

JL 6 Law Enforcement - Police Matters

RA 5 Real Property - Disposal - Surplus

WE 9 Welfare - Youth Programs

WE 10-5 Poverty Programs - Family Security Plans


The materials in these files include correspondence, memoranda and press releases concerning reports, job appointments, budgets, subpoenas, hearings, State Advisory Council meetings and the extension of authority through the inclusion of women's rights issues and the Civil Rights Commission authorization bill (H.R. 12652). Among the Commission reports mentioned in these files are: discrimination in state and local governments, school desegregation, Mexican-Americans and the administration of justice, Mexican-Americans and education, Federal civil rights enforcement, home ownership for low income families, civil rights problems of American Indians, race related student protests, recruitment of minority group members by police and fire departments, community programs and the 1970 Census of Spanish-speaking persons. The correspondence of Commission Chairman Rev. Theodore Hesburgh includes comments concerning the role of the Commission, job appointment recommendations, an evaluation of the accomplishments of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, anti-Semitism and Hr. Hesburgh's resignation. Additional subjects in FG 90 include the appointment of Hispanics, Blacks, Jews and Indians to the Commission, the Minority Business Program of the Small Business Administration, the Committee on Civil Rights of the Domestic Council, the Low Cost Housing Program of the Federal Property Council, minority employment, anti-busing, and fair housing.

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