White, Joseph B.

Conversation 055-005

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On May 4, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon and members of the President's Commission on School Finance and the President's Panel on Nonpublic Education, including Neil H. McElroy, William G. Colman, Hilda A. Davis, Dorothy M. L. Ford, Eugene Gonzales, David H. Kurtzman, Rev. William E. McManus, Wendell H. Pierce, William G. Saltonstall, William B. Thompson, Clarence Walton, Ivan E. Zylstra, Norman Karsh, Clint Pace, Terrel H. Bell, John R. Ottina, Caspar W. ("Cap") Weinberger, Joseph B. White, Phillips Grace, Paul H. O'Neill, John D. Ehrlichman, Kenneth R. Cole, Jr., Edward L.

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