Miller, Michael

Conversation 124-007

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On June 7, 1973, President Richard M. Nixon, William P. Rogers, and the Board of Trustees of the Council of the Americas, including Charles F. Barber, William E. Barlow, Jose Rafael Bejarano, Fletcher L. Byrom, John W. Clark, Donald M. Cox, Jose de Cubas, Alphonse DeRosso, John Diebold, John Duncan, Lewis W. Foy, John F. Gallagher, Gen. James M. Gavin, Henry R. Gyelin, Maurice F. Granville, A. S. Hart, William M. Hickey, Donald McI. Kendall, James R. Kennedy, Fritz G. Lindley, George J. Clark, Thomas D. Lumpkin, Augustine R. Marusi, Michael Miller, Frank R. Milliken, Michael W. Percopo, J.

Conversation 105-007

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On September 25, 1972, President Richard M. Nixon, Clark MacGregor, Maurice Stans, and members of the Finance Committee of the Committee to Re-elect the President, including Clark MacGregor, Maurice H. Stans, Joyce Barbour, Paul E. Barrick, Mildred Bighinatti, Suzanne Bourbonnais, Beebe Bourne, Judy Breck, Angela Buchanan, Warren Chase, Buckley M. Byers, Arden Chambers, Constance Corby, Kathy Cerick, Jane Dannenhauer, John Russell Deane, III, Whitney de Roulet, Charles Dexter, Maureen Devlin, Yolanda Dorminy, Stanley Ebner, Thomas W. Evans, Peter J.