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What to Bring

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When planning for your research visit, please:

  1. Provide advance notice of your visit and research topic, if possible.

  2. Bring some type of government issued photo identification (drivers license, passport).

  3. Note that reproducing the Nixon White House Tapes requires researchers to bring reproduction supplies (blank CD-Rs).

Paper, notecards, and pencils are provided by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). NARA staff must approve and stamp materials necessary for research, such as loose-leaf notes, lists, or references.

You may bring small personal items, such as hand-held wallets or coin purses into research rooms, but they are subject to inspection when you enter or leave. Items not needed for research (such as briefcases, boxes, satchels, valises, purses, or other large bags) must be placed in a locker. Staff will issue you a lock for the locker.

What to Bring


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